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What color is khaki : a trendy color for the home

Definition and meaning of khaki or khaki color. How to furnish and embellish your home with khaki. Ideas and suggestions for using the color and its shades in the different rooms of the house: kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom. How to use it for interior and exterior walls. RGB color code, light, and dark shades, color combinations.

The color khaki or persimmon in Italian owes its name to distant Persian origins, from the word khak which means the earth , from which the English term khaki which means, of earth color comes.

It is known to be the predominant color of the uniforms and camouflage uniforms used by soldiers in war actions and exercises, facilitating the fact that they can better hide in the bush and in desert places.

The success found in the field of clothing is important because it is a color suitable for different seasons of the year. It should be noted that many mistakenly associate the word kaki with the homonymous exotic fruit; in reality, as mentioned before, the term derives from the Persian language while the plant and its fruit have completely different origins, coming from distant China.

Khaki color: ideas for the walls of the house

A trendy color that many like as a proposal different from traditional canons, without being excessively charged with tension, khaki can find expression in different rooms of the apartment, satisfying the taste of many who are looking for an alternative color. Let’s see some of the more interesting ideas.

Khaki kitchen

Elegant features for the kitchen from this light shade of brown, especially pleasant as a proposal for those looking for the country tones of the furniture.

Even for a more modern version of the furniture, it does not appear a bad choice, combining it with slightly more lively colors such as blue. The contrast, even when it is irreverent, is always justified as a modern way to conceive the house in a modern way.

Khaki bathroom

In choosing the perfect color for a small bathroom, there is often a fear of making the environment too dark. Between dove gray, light gray, and khaki, there is no shortage of ideal solutions.

A room with minimalist features can adopt this color, to always keep the atmosphere soft. In this way, a few and functional elements can be inserted, to make the space livable to the maximum.

Khaki bedroomWhat color is khaki

Very exotic as a color, reminiscent of the earth and especially the desert and it’s very arid areas of North Africa. The plots, the clear contrasts and a bit of mystery, when the sleeping area never wants to be banal and obvious.

When the task of creating a soft and dynamic environment at the same time is assigned to the painting of the walls, the suggestive atmospheres of exotic destinations seem to have been recreated in an ideal way.

The combination with the dark wood of the furniture is wonderful, for an elegant and classy sleeping area.

Khaki living room

Khaki stands out in a luxurious setting; the presence of the fireplace and the ornaments seem ideal for those looking for the tones of the English countryside.

With more informal furniture, when you want to break the monochrome and the dining area is intended for moments of leisure, a single wall facilitates the task.

Incredible contrast with this light blue shade; the eclectic style accepts willingly the combination with contrasting colors, an element that allows you to arrange furnishings and accessories that may initially appear to disagree.

Khaki color: RGB code

The RGB code of the khaki color is the following: 195, 176, 145

To get it, you need to mix the primary colors in the following way:

  • red 76.5%
  • green 69%
  • blue 56.9%
  • Shades that approach this tint are:
  • Naples yellow RGB 247, 232,159
  • RGB 240, 220, 130 suede
  • light ivory RGB 230, 214, 144
  • lemon RGB 253, 233, 16
  • zinc yellow RGB 248, 243, 43

Khaki color: combinations

The combinations with the khaki color are interesting and surprising, in consideration of the fact that the reference to the earth is always evident. Among the proposals it is worth highlighting:

  • powder pink
  • fishing
  • coral
  • mustard yellow
  • green
  • lime

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