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How to Make a Home Safer for Someone With Dementia

Making a home safer for someone with dementia doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a few steps you can take. Start by marking the edges of your steps. Repair any uneven bricks or cracked pavement. Replace stepping stones if they become tripping hazards. Clear any debris from rooms that could be a fire or trip hazard. Remove rugs or any other slip hazards and try to make the home as clutter free as possible.

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Providing your loved one with the right amount of lighting is also vital. Dim lighting and blinds can be frightening, so make sure there are plenty of overhead lights and a good nightlight. Keep area rugs out of the way if they are a tripping hazard. Also, remove clutter and cables from the floor. Make sure they have a telephone with them and a list of emergency contacts. If possible, put photos with the numbers. Finally, make sure to keep hazardous materials out of sight and try to have a carer with them throughout the day. Should they require mobility assistance, such as Bathing Aids, visit Ability Superstore

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Remove locks on doors and bathroom fixtures. Keep spare keys outside. Make sure to install deadbolts on outside doors. Cover electrical outlets and install child proof plugs on unplugged ones. You can also install childproof latches on cabinets. It’s important to remember that people with dementia are prone to forgetfulness so try to avoid food preparation that involves gas or leaving an oven on.


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