The Complete Manual for Selecting the Best Preschool

Making the right choice for your child’s preschool is essential in their education. You will want to evaluate practical matters such as location, transportation, and cost.

Visit schools to see if their philosophies match yours, and observe classrooms. Look for a warm, nurturing teaching staff and low teacher turnover.

Child-Teacher Ratio

The student-to-teacher ratio in a preschool is an essential factor to consider. A high ratio can mean your child may need more attention.

The district’s controlled open enrollment plan, which will allow students who live outside of the county to attend its schools starting this fall, has raised questions and concerns from parents. One problem is how the county will handle overcrowding at its schools.

According to Niche, there are 19 private preschools in St. Johns County. Of these, 14 are religiously affiliated. The school’s diversity is 13% minority, lower than the private school average. The student body is also diverse: 71.5% white, 6.1% black, and 5.1% Hispanic/Latino. The school has a student-to-teacher ratio of 18:1. This is higher than the state average of 18:1. Students outside the county will be placed on a waiting list until seats become available at these schools since more students are available.

Size of Classes

Schools must maintain many classrooms and teachers to ensure students receive the best education possible. It helps ensure enough resources for every student to learn at their level and pace.

However, classroom sizes have increased significantly due to a recent influx of new students. To help ease the strain on the school system, the superintendent voted to allow some flexibility with class size limits allowed by state law.

Fortunately, there are 19 private preschools in the county to help meet this need. These classes typically contain 18 students or fewer, which allows teachers to provide more individualized attention and focus on each child. It is an excellent way to help your child gain independence, develop skills, and learn at their own pace.


In addition to social development, your child will also need to develop academic skills. When choosing a preschool, you should determine the school’s overall testing rank and how well their students perform in reading and math. It would help if you also considered a school’s diversity, as well as its acceptance rate. If you want to apply to a private school, you will want to know if they require ISEE or SSAT scores. 


The curriculum of a preschool should offer children opportunities for hands-on learning that is fun and creative. It should also emphasize language development, motor development, and socialization. A good curriculum should also incorporate academic standards like reading and math and the Common Core State Standards.

Niche grades schools based on various factors, including student reviews, test scores, and academic data. 


The staff at a preschool can make or break your child’schild’s experience. They need to be caring and passionate about the children they work with. They must also have the qualifications for your child’s unique learning needs.

Whether looking for a traditional school with an academic approach or a Reggio Emilia-inspired school that encourages creativity, find the best private preschool that caters to your child’s needs. It will ensure that they are receiving the highest quality education possible.

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