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Pros and cons of breastfeeding

Pros and cons of breastfeeding- As mothers, we constantly worry about feeding our baby and some doubts begin to emerge regarding how we should feed them. Breastfeeding is fundamental for them and a very important decision for their health.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association (AMA, for its acronym in English), the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and the World Health Organization (WHO), recommend breast milk as the best diet for Babies , because it helps counteract infections, prevent allergies and protect against chronic conditions.

But, everything has pros and cons of breastfeeding, today you will know some positive and negative points that breastfeeding has.

Breastfeeding is good for our baby

Pros and cons of breastfeeding

Breast milk has many positive points in our baby’s diet. It is totally recommended for them and is practically vital for their health. Among the many positive points we have:

  • The best nutritional option for babies . Some experts consider breast milk as the best option for our babies to obtain nutrients.
  • Fight infections and other conditions. Breastfed babies get fewer infections, because breast milk strengthens the child’s immune system. This also helps to reduce infections such as: ear infections, diarrhea, respiratory infections and meningitis.
  • It is very nutritious and improves digestion . Babies who receive breast milk have less difficulty digesting, also has many vitamins and minerals needed by the newborn.
  • Breast milk has different flavors . As we have to digest various foods during the day to be able to manufacture the breast milk, it tends to have different flavors, this makes the baby can taste different flavors, everything depends on each food.
  • Some studies point to smarter babies . Some studies have concluded that children fed with breast milk have slightly higher intellectual coefficients than those fed artificial milk.
  • The breastfeeding mother is also beneficial for the mother . If a mother feeds her baby with breast milk, she will lose calories, feel more confident and even some studies indicate that it reduces the risk of breast cancer.
  • You can strengthen the mother and child bond . Some mothers say that skin-to-skin contact helps establish a special connection with their little one.

Breastfeeding also has its cons

Pros and cons of breastfeeding

Although breast milk has many important benefits, it also has its bad side. We will name some cons:

 It can generate some discomfort and discomfort . Breastfeeding can cause discomfort at first, because the mother may feel some pain when the baby is breastfeeding. This pain should not last more than a minute in each shot, if it is a constant pain that does not calm, it could be an infection.

The mother must maintain a diet to feed the baby correctly . Breastfeeding mothers should not eat fish rich in mercury and limit consumption of fish that contains lower concentrations of mercury.

The mother has a little less flexibility with her time . If at any time you can not breastfeed your baby, you can leave your partner or a relative with your bottle and you can feed it without problem.

More frequency of the shots . Babies who usually eat formula milk require fewer intakes because it is less easy to digest than breast milk.

The mother should worry too much about what she should eat . If you are not breastfeeding your baby, you should not worry too much about it.

Pros and cons of breastfeeding some recommendations:

best Pros and cons of breastfeeding

  • Mothers are advised to continue breastfeeding at least until the baby is 12 months old . Even for longer, if they wish.
  • Formula milk is also a healthy alternative. It also provides babies with the nutrients to grow healthy.
  • Make the decision to breastfeed the baby, let’s take it ourselves. It is a very personal choice, the important thing is to take the pros and cons of breastfeeding  each one.
  • As we discussed earlier, the decision to feed our babies should be primarily ours. The important thing is to be informed and decide what is best for our baby’s health.

Main breast care during breastfeeding

top Pros and cons of breastfeeding

The constant suction of your baby can cause discomfort and sensitivity in the nipples , even some conditions that prevent proper feeding. For this reason, when breastfeeding you must take special care with your breasts. Therefore, following these tips allows you to breastfeed properly.

Special ujetadores breastfeeding

During breastfeeding you should opt for special bras to breastfeed, as they make it easier to remove the breast without delay.  That is why, you must choose the appropriate size that will give you the necessary support to avoid back pain and other discomfort caused by the weight of your chest.

Milk absorbent discs

You can use the absorbent discs between the nipple and the bra if you have milk loss . Change them when they are full to prevent moisture from causing cracks and generating bacteria. The most recommended are made of breathable material and sold in pharmacies.

Do not use strong soaps or alcohol

To clean your breasts you should avoid the use of strong soaps, alcohol or astringent products . Since, these dry out the skin and can produce irritations or cracks in the nipples and cause discomfort when the baby sucks.

Correct posture of the infant

It is important that your baby holds the nipple correctly, which allows good suction , and does not cause harm to the mother.

On the other hand, it is necessary that you learn to remove the child from the chest when finished, so that you avoid jerking and mistreatment. But how can you do it? First, introduce your little finger on the edge of the baby’s lips and thus eliminate the vacuum created by the suction. In this way, you can ensure that it gently detaches from the nipple

Moisten the nipple with your breast milk

The nipple is one of the most sensitive areas of the breast, usually, when you start breastfeeding irritate, crack and cause pain and tension. That is why you should moisten your nipple with a little milk every time you finish breastfeeding then let it dry outdoors . In this way, you maintain good hygiene, because breast milk contains multiple antibacterial properties and healing effects.

However, if you have severe pain or burning sensation and it lasts for several days it is best to go to the specialist. They are symptoms of infection or another problem that merits treatment.

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