Different Types of Engagement Rings

Like any other western country, people in New Zealand get engaged at romantic locations. The most popular ones include cliff tops since New Zealand is famous for them. People in New Zealand are minimalistic, and hence most of them tend to get engaged in an old-school way. Engagement rings in New Zealand are minimalistic and aesthetic. So an extravagant three-stone ring is not very popular in the country, while a princess and marquise ring is still preferred by the residents any day. Most New Zealanders officially get engaged just one week before their wedding as it is a part of their ritual. According to certain reports, women prefer simple designs and soothing colours like light pink, sea green, and purple with one or two stones as opposed to tiny multi-stone rings. 

Engagement rings have been used since the mediaeval ages. For instance, in ancient Rome, the bride was given two rings: gold and an iron ring. The gold ring was worn by her outside the house, and the iron ring while doing household chores. Currently, engagement rings in New Zealand and other western countries are majorly diamond rings in the name of ‘management rings’.

Different types of engagement rings-

One must know the different options the market provides before making a choice. The most common types of betrothal rings that people prefer are:

i) Solitaire rings- These are the most commonly used engagement rings. These rings consist of a huge single stone that is generally a diamond. However, people also prefer Emeralds, Ruby, and Sapphire to make it look extravagant.

ii) Marquise ring- This ring was quite prominent in the medieval era among the monarchs. This was invented when King Louis IV wanted to resemble a “pretty woman’s lips” in the form of a ring. The ring is oval with sharp cuts at both ends.

iii) Three-stone ring- This type of ring consists of three stones, each symbolising fidelity, love, and friendship that they share with their partner or the past, the present, and the future.

iv) Bezel ring- This type of ring consists of any type of stone in any shape that is layered or covered with platinum on the outside. This makes it look fancy. It is covered with platinum to prevent injuries and damages caused to dresses because of hard stones like ruby and sapphire.

v) Princess ring- This is the simplest yet classiest type of ring still used by people that prefer a minimalistic wedding. It consists of a single square-shaped stone that has soft edges. It is lightweight and costs less than the other types of rings.

In Conclusion

Engagement rings are presented as a gift to their partner and are usually a surprise. Such rings are also called betrothal rings or promise rings as they are the symbol of a promise to stay together forever that they make to each other. Some men and women wear them as engagement rings, while others use them as wedding rings. Some rings also come with matching jewellery like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The type, size, and choice of the stone in such earrings depend on the person’s culture, personal preference, and financial status.

In the review of recent times, reports suggest that men have been receiving more engagement rings compared to a decade earlier. This is mainly because of the changing times, and designers are making better rings for men these days.

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