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The Essential Role of the Wheelchair

The wheelchair is globally recognised as one of the most common and helpful assistive devices available. They assist those with limited mobility and provide an enhanced quality of life and independence. Wheelchairs enable people to access education, work, healthcare and social activities.

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The right wheelchair can help prevent pressure sores, prevent the worsening of deformities and improve upper body strength and digestion, for example. It is essential, therefore, that each individual is fitted with a wheelchair that meets all their unique needs. Of course, the environment also plays an important part. Buildings and vehicles must be accessible too. For more information on WAV Vehicles, go to a site such as

Here are some fascinating facts about wheelchair use:

  • Across the developed countries, approximately ten million people use a wheelchair, which equates to around 1% of the population.
  • In the developing world, this figure rises to almost 22 million people who require a wheelchair, around 2% of the population.
  • Taking into account the world population, around 1.85% require a wheelchair. 110 million of these people need a wheelchair but do not have access to one.

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Mobility devices are essential for those experiencing a huge range of physical issues, which could include spinal injury, progressive disease, amputation, arthritis or cerebral palsy, for example. Where a wheelchair meets the needs of the user and the environment, it has a hugely beneficial impact on participation and independence, as well as lessening the burden of care.

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