4 Clever Tricks to Optimise the Use of Essential Oils Diffusers

Australia is known worldwide for the uniqueness and wide variation of its flora and fauna. Its strategic location separated from the rest of the world allowed the country to grow plenty of exciting and one-of-a-kind animals, including the Tasmanian Devil and Thylacine. At the same time, plants like Banksia and Native bluebell were endemic in this part of the world. And because of this, you can find many unique Australian essential oils in the market today. These oils are perfect for diffusers in Australia, which are developed to release all their benefits in the air.

Diffusing essential oils provide plenty of perks for the entire household. It helps make the home smell cleaner and fresher in an instant. These devices can also help uplift your mood or set a pleasing ambience in any part of the room. However, if you want to maximise the effects of your essential oil diffuser at home, you need to follow these clever tricks:

Trick #1: Know the Characteristics of Your Essential Oils 

Understanding the volatility of your essential oils can help maximise the effects when diffused. So, check if it is light and evaporates rapidly or the heavy and slow evaporating type of oil. It would also help to know the fragrance note classification of the oil. It could either be a top, mid, or bottom note. These classifications will allow you to learn how your essential oil behaves according to its chemical structure, evaporation rate, and molecular weight.

If you know the personality of your essential oils, it will become easier for you to learn how fast they will diffuse in the air. For example, those that evaporate more quickly, like citrusy essential oils, will not have a lingering scent and needs constant refilling of your diffuser.

Trick #2: What Sort of Diffuser Do You Have? 

You can find plenty of diffusers in Australia. However, the type you will invest in will determine the performance of your essential oils.

Today’s best diffuser in the Australian market is ultrasonic diffuser. It utilises a high-frequency vibration device to spread the oils in the form of a mist into the room. It also rapidly disperses a minimal amount of essential oil and gently releases the scent in the space. Other diffusers include fan-style diffusers, reed diffusers, candle diffusers, and terracotta diffusers.

Trick #3: Pick the Right Diffuser 

Get the best benefits from your essential oil diffuser by getting the most appropriate one based on your needs. Meanwhile, the right kind of oil diffuser depends on several factors, including:

  • Room type
  • Room size
  • Power source
  • Material used
  • Run time

Those who want their scent of the essential oils spread all over the home can look for diffusers that can connect with your HVAC system. And if you are going to use it in a specific area of the house, you can invest in smaller diffusers.

Trick #4: Diffuse for Shorter Periods 

Odour fatigue happens when you get overexposed to essential oils. Also,  if you diffuse for a long time, you will get accustomed to the scent and no longer smell it. This phenomenon automatically prevents you from getting tired of extended odour stimuli. Meanwhile, by using your diffuser in a shorter time, you will enjoy the scent properly. In addition, it will help you avoid wasting valuable essential oils.

Investing in essential oil diffusers can make your home smell good and let you have various health benefits. So, if you know how to optimise its uses, you will get all these perks and get the most from your investments.

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