What is the Best Training Course for Orton Gillingham Certification?

Some children face difficulty in reading, which is known as a learning disorder and is scientifically known as dyslexia. Students with dyslexia cannot read properly due to issues with recognizing the speech sounds and slowly learning how they relate to words and letters.

So, to solve the problems for dyslexia students, there is a structured literacy approach known as Orton Gillingham. If you are a teaching enthusiast and want to train children with dyslexia, you should have Orton Gillingham certification.

Whatever the case might be, whether you are a parent for the child you are teaching or a trainer searching for training opportunities, Orton Gillingham’s training courses are your ultimate choice. The knowledge you get from the course can help you know more about dyslexia and provide the best practical assistance to the students.

The training for students is not only meant to give in classes, but they are flexible enough to give training in homes and support the children. It becomes easier for children to understand the Orton Gillingham approach and encourages members of the dyslexic community.

There are different variants of these training courses that are useful for educators, parents, and teaching enthusiasts who wish to know more about the essential principles of the approach. Check out the below-given cases and choose the best training course for Orton Gillingham certification.

For Educators or Parents with No Awareness of Dyslexia:

For parents who are not aware of the Orton Gillingham approach or if your child has dyslexia, knowing more about the learning difference and how to help the child is significant for the student’s success. This is probably the introductory course that allows you to learn more about the teaching approach, which is the best choice for parents who want to guide their child at home and in school. This subscriber course does not need preconditions and provides a primary overview of dyslexia and the Orton Gillingham approach.

Coming to the classroom educator course, people dig one step deeper and get knowledge about the fundamentals of the Orton Gillingham approach. People can better understand the fundamentals of dyslexia, the characteristics of the dyslexic learner, and the process of teaching children to read and spell words. This course can be offered many times in the whole year.

For Educators Who are Aware of Orton Gillingham Approach:

Educators who know the Orton Gillingham approach can take up some advanced courses. In these courses, they can revise the previous concepts and get some practical knowledge on how to give a class to students. These courses are specifically designed for educators who want to get more understanding of this OG approach but are also available to all people who are eligible for prerequisites.

There is another training course for educators which is more than the basics course. For this training, there is a prerequisite where the instructor will check the basics and concepts of the previous class. Once they are qualified, they will move forward into advanced morphology, prescriptive teaching, best teaching lesson plans with students. The other course is associate coursework training; there is no prerequisite for this, but it is a complete course in a pack of nine months and gets thorough knowledge on teaching students with dyslexia.

Training for the Orton Gillingham Academy:

This is the best choice for people who show more interest in completing the OG training courses and need certification. A specific amount of coursework is required to get certificates in different modules. This is an excellent benefit for educators. It is flexible OG training classes that help educators boost up to work on their preferred time and schedule and get certified in this OG teaching approach.


There are different courses for people to get certification in Orton Gillingham and help struggling readers in teaching simply and adequately.

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