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Advantages of Female Only Gyms

Forget New Year’s resolutions. The mere mention triggers stress. The overwhelming majority of New Year’s resolutions are linked to weight, health, fitness and finances. Setting goals is the first step to achieving objectives. If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re about to make a commitment to improve your fitness level. Congratulations. Fit is the new thin. Focus on fitness and healthy weight will follow. Consider exploring the option of a female only gym to meet your fitness goals. The success of female only gyms is testament to the positive environment. These are just some of the advantages of joining a female only gym.

● Confidence is a huge factor is a successful weight loss program. A female only gym will differ greatly from a traditional gym in that the bulked up 20 something guys will be absent. It’s understandable that you don’t want to expose your muffin top to the masses. If you’re intimidated just by walking in the door, the chances of sticking with a fitness program diminish.

● Comradery. Working out with like minded women is a huge motivator. Most female only gyms are typically smaller and offer a selection of professional trainer that motivate, direct and ensure exercises are executed in the safest, most effective manner. You’re most likely to find a compatible work out buddy at a female gym.

● Strength training should be the foundation of your fitness regime. Strong muscle mass increases the metabolism, protects the skeleton and increases the benefits of cardiovascular activities. Working with weights a few feet from bulked up guys can be intimidating. Weight lifting for women should be focused on number of slow repetitions achieved versus fast, maximum weight repetitions often sought by men for bulk.

Commit to trying a female only gym for one month. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how welcoming the environment is. Motivation and mental readiness is more than half the battle in achieving a lifelong healthy body. Good luck!

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