Out-of-the-Box Employee Benefits for Your Business

Any experienced entrepreneur would know that providing company perks are crucial for promoting employee satisfaction and enhancing motivation. Employees regard office incentives so profoundly that the majority of them (80 per cent) would choose to receive additional benefits over a salary increase according to a job site survey. The same poll also revealed that 60 per cent of applicants assert that employee benefits are crucial in deciding whether to accept an employment offer.

If you are a business owner searching for attractive perks, you may want to think outside the box and offer inexpensive yet exciting benefits that will help motivate your employees. Below are some ideas that you may want to consider: 

Gift Cards

The number of companies offering gift cards or motivational vouchers is steadily increasing. Apart from convenience, more and more organisations are discovering how many employees find gift cards more exciting than cash, especially if they are given the freedom to choose the vendor.

Gift cards allow your staff to splurge on items or services that they have always wanted without the guilt. If you give them the cash, they will have second thoughts about spending it on themselves, especially if they have bills to pay and kids to raise. Moreover, this type of benefit is genuinely viewed as an additional perk, instead of a part of their compensation. 


Offering periodic on-site corporate massages is a benefit that your workers will sincerely enjoy. After all, a good massage can help alleviate stress, anxiety, fatigue, and pain, while at the same time promoting mental clarity and better concentration.

After implementing a once-a-month corporate massage therapy incentive, one prominent company experienced a significant decrease in absences due to work-related injuries. Other offices are also enjoying a happier and more engaged workforce because of this benefit. 

Flexible Time 

Instead of setting a rigid work schedule and counting tardiness and absences, you may want to consider offering a flexible schedule as a company perk. One survey showed that 88 per cent of workers would consider working for a company that allows flexible hours or work-from-home arrangements.

Note that productivity does not have to suffer because you are not tracking work hours since you can always monitor output. Letting your employees decide when to go to work for as long as they submit their deliverables on time will prove to be more beneficial to the company in the long run. How many workers receive full pay just because they clock-in every day even though they do not get things done, right? 

Birthday Off 

Perhaps, there is no better way to show your employees that you value their existence than remembering their birthday and allowing them to celebrate the occasion with the people they love even on a “workday.” Offering a paid day off during birthdays instead of a cash gift is more personal and tends to help build a good employer-employee relationship.

When you pay attention to individual employees at least once a year, you will send the message that each person is valuable to the organisation. As your people take this to heart, they will be more loyal and dedicated to the company, which is a win-win for you.

Nap Rooms

A significant number of adults all over the world are struggling with getting a good night’s rest. As such, most of them feel tired and sluggish at work, thus, affecting work performance.

Instead of berating drowsy employees, you may want to allow workplace naps as a company perk. You can set-up a nap room where workers can take 10 to 20 minutes of power naps. Studies show that a brief snooze can make people more alert, energetic, and refreshed.

The discussion points above clearly show that employee benefits do not have to be centred on cash or financial rewards. Ultimately, meaningful incentives that show how much you pay attention to their wants and needs tend to be more moving and powerful.

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