Clothes and brands that will make people jealous

Whether you dress to impress or just to feel comfortable in your own skin, you must have felt the need to be complimented more than once or twice. We all crave the praise our peers offer us when they see us thriving in a specific outfit in which we feel comfortable. For that, we have to start dressing the way we want, and we should be incredibly aware of how others see us, so what better way to dress than in clothes that make us feel like the best version of ourselves? For that, we need the right items. Here is a short, yet to-the-point, list of garments and brands that are sure to leave your friends and family stunned, while making you feel untouchable.

Audemars Piguet watches

This is probably the standard for luxury when it comes to watches. The Audemars Piguet (usually called AP, for short) brand exudes style, class, richness and offers you a feeling of greatness. Not only that, it is a hundred percent sure to leave people with their jaw dropped since it is the landmark of expensive wristwatches. You can always opt for a piece with plenty of complications, such as turbions, moon phases, jump hours, chronographs, day-date, sweeping hands, mecha quartz, and many others. You don’t necessarily have to know what each of these things does, except if you are especially passionate about wristwatches and the corresponding mechanisms. If you are not too sure how these things work and do not want to be caught by surprise when people ask about them, you can always do your research prior to buying one of these trademark pieces by reading about what complications are and how they work on

Irish Aran sweaters

This one had to be included in this list. Probably the pinnacle of tops, the Irish Aran sweater has nothing if not an intricate, marvelous history. Originating from the western islands off the coast of Ireland that bear the same name, these stunning woolen jumpers were handcrafted by the women of the lands for their fishermen husbands, in order to protect them from the chilly, damp winds of the raging waters. The unscoured wool they used for these pieces of clothing had the special property of making these garments water-resistant, and helped the men of the sea by keeping them warm and relatively dry, which was very important. As time passed, the jumpers were sold to the citizens of the mainlands, and started making their way into casual outfits. Nowadays, plenty of people own an Irish Aran sweater mainly for the versatility of it: the warmth, the comfort, and the feeling it gives you is sure to make other people ask you where you got it from. If you do not yet own an irish sweater (and even if you do), you can always click here for Irish sweaters and enjoy layering and snuggling with this cozy garment.

Leather wallets

Hear me out: it does not matter if you have tens of credit cards and thousands of dollars in your accounts if you do not have a leather wallet in which to keep said cards. If you’re not into classy, stylish items, then it is not mandatory for you to own such an item. However, if you want to put up a fancy, elegant image of yourself, always try to have a wallet you will not be embarrassed about: nobody is going to believe you if yours will be cheap, ripped, or dirty. That is why leather wallets are a must: they exude elegance, carefulness, and are not as prone to scratches or blemishes as the other ones. Plus, they offer more space than your average one, so you can keep more cards, money, or documents inside them. The color is also something to be very aware of: it is highly recommended for you to match it with your outfit, or the suit since you will most probably be wearing one. Nevertheless, a man’s wallet is to fit his looks just like the cherry suits the top of the cake.

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