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The ice cream is to be considered an element to be avoided because it contains sugar, milk, and ingredients that can be toxic to cats. It also causes what doctors call the Brain Freeze.

We know how important it is to balance our cat’s diet, which foods are tolerated, and which foods are absolutely forbidden for cats. But, a question naturally arises. Can cats eat ice cream in summer?

This food hides three pitfalls that are harmful to the cat and therefore should be avoided.

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Contains lactose

The ice cream is made up of three main elements such as milk, cream, and sugar to which the different flavors and ingredients are then added. Some flavors also include the presence of egg yolks. The percentage of lactose in ice cream is very high and considering that milk is one of the foods not tolerated by the cat, this motivation alone would be enough not to give it to him. In fact, it can cause diarrhea and not a few intestinal problems.

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Contains sugarsCAN CATS EAT ICE CREAM?

All ice creams contain a percentage of sugar. Sugar is highly harmful to cats and its consumption can cause colic and flatulence; not to mention the risk of diabetes. We also reiterate that any type of dessert is absolutely forbidden in the cat’s diet!

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Causes the Brain Freeze

On the web, there is no shortage of videos showing cats eating ice cream and suddenly rolling their eyes and opening their mouths wide, almost as if they were about to cry out. It may sound funny, but it could actually be very bad behavior for the cat’s health.

In fact, that apparently harmless behavior hides a clear and precise motivation; in cats, as well as in humans, taking cold food with a certain speed causes what medicine more commonly calls brain freeze or frozen brain.

Actually, the technical name is sphenopalatine ganglion neuralgia and, as the name implies, it affects tissues, blood vessels, nerves, and of course the brain. This causes a spasm, which even if it lasts a few seconds, still leads the cat to have a painful and uncomfortable situation.

So it’s important to desist from giving your cat ice cream. His health is at stake! Some argue that if the ice cream is homemade, made without sugar, with lactose-free milk, it is possible to give it to them in very small doses. Of course, after taking it out of the fridge several minutes ago.

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