The benefits of gardening

There is much talk about people’s mental health and mental well-being in this modern age.  There are countless books, huge amounts of therapy sessions available and now even sporting activities or exercise activities, like yoga.  All of these can have certain benefits but there is one simple homegrown activity that can be done everyday that can contribute positively to your mental health as well. It is the simple act of gardening. From just removing a few bits of weed, to actually sitting and planning out what it’s going to look like you can take great comfort and joy from this little piece of nature that you have out the back of your house.

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The therapeutic properties of gardening are widely acknowledged by medical professionals.  So far we have looked at the mental health well-being element of gardening. However, it should be noted that the physical side of gardening is also very beneficial for your well-being. It is said that every day you should do some exercise that makes you break a sweat. Digging and raking or forking the soil certainly count as one of these activities. There is also the physical aspect of lifting wheelbarrows and carrying all and sundry around the garden.

Putting aside the physical positive aspects we can look again at the mental health benefits.  It has also been widely acknowledged that the sight of the well-ordered colourful garden can instill a sense of well-being  just as much as any prescribed medicine can. The best thing about your garden is that it will be your own work and you will feel involved in it. This emotional and physical “buy in” is a great character building exercise. Imagine the sense of well-being you will receive as you look out from your window at your beautifully manicured lawn or raised beds.

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Returning to the physical health aspects if you can grow your own vegetables and fruit this also helps. Not only will you save money at the supermarket but you will know that you have organically grown vegetables and fruit rather than relying on a farmer to do it for you. Sitting down to a roast dinner with your own cabbages, carrots and potatoes is also an excellent boost to one’s own mental health.

You will need to maintain the garden and it is good to get the best tools for the job. Briggs and Stratton Parts for example are a must. You can get them from With the correct pieces of equipment you will be able to maintain the garden perfectly and keep it looking spick and span. Just imagine the scene; dusk is settling in, the sun is going down and you are sitting on your garden furniture looking out at your beautifully arranged flowers and colour enjoying a nice spot of tea or (maybe something stronger).

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