Hyde Park, the biggest of the four Royal Parks in Westminster, London.

Hyde Park is a Grade 1-listed Royal Park in Westminster London, it is the largest of four Parks that stretch from Kensington Palace, across Kensington and Hyde Park Gardens, on through Green Park and continues past Buckingham Palace. Split by the magnificent lakes of Long Water and the Serpentine, covering an area of approximately 350 acres, the Park also contains Speakers Corner, where everyone is encouraged to speak freely on a Sunday morning and use the space to openly talk about matters that are important to them.

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Hyde Park grounds are carefully tended and managed by a team of dedicated men and women who nurture the plants, prune the trees, keep the grassy areas tidy and generally make sure the land is safe for purpose.  If an accident did unfortunately occur in the Park and there was a chemical spill in the grounds, then this highly trained team would know how to use the Spill Kits possibly provided by a specialist company such as hydepark-environmental and a disaster would have been averted.

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There have been many lime and maple trees planted in the park replacing the 9,000 elm trees that died due to Dutch Elm disease, alongside, hundreds of flowers, four acres of greenhouses, a magnificent weeping beech tree and a vibrant rose garden. The unusual, calming Princess Diana memorial fountain placed carefully in the park offers an area of peace and reflection.

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