Make the Garden an Exciting Place for Children

The great outdoors benefits children in so many ways. Helping them to be fit and active, develop certain skills, play with other children and use their imaginations, as well as developing an appreciation for nature – these are all benefits that children who spend a lot of time playing outdoors can enjoy.

If you want to encourage children’s enthusiasm for playing outdoors, here are some of the things that you could do to spark their imaginations in your own garden…

Build a tree house – A tree house is always an exciting place for kids to spend time. A secret den of their own, they have long been a fun place to play. If you have a strong and large tree in the garden, building a tree house is something that is fun and exciting, and if you have the skills and knowledge to do it safely, you can pop to a timber supplier like this Salisbury timber merchants to get the materials that you need to do it yourself. If you are not sure on how to do it, there are lots of companies that can build a treehouse for you.

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Have a place to Play in the Water – In the summertime, playing in the water helps kids to keep cool, and most children love to splash around in water. Having an area where they can play in the water in a paddling pool can create hours of fun and entertainment.

Always remember to supervise young children near water and on hot and sunny days make sure that they are always wearing plenty of sun cream!

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Give them a garden to grow – Help to encourage children to take an interest in nature from an early age by giving them their own patch of garden that they can grow themselves. Whether they want to grow some food to eat and have a vegetable patch or want to grow flowers and plants that can help support pollinators, this is a great way to help develop an interest in gardening.

Getting them used to tending the garden and taking care of it will help them to understand what to plant and how to take care of it could foster a lifelong interest in nature and gardening too.

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