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Tools Every Gardener Should Own

Do you love gardening? Do you wish you could find ways to make some parts of gardening a little bit easier? Perhaps you aren’t using the correct tools. Here are some tools that no gardener should ever be without.

Electric Tiller

Every year when you get your garden ready for planting, do you dread using a shovel to turn the soil and mix in any amendments? Save your back and energy and use an electric tiller instead. With an electric tiller, you don’t have to worry about keeping extra gas on hand, as you would for a gas option, and you can still get the work done quickly.

When using a tiller, make sure that you have removed all large rocks and roots from the area you are digging up. Leaving them in the soil could cause the tiller blades to break.

Garden Cart

No matter what your task in your garden is, you’ll likely find a use for your garden cart. If you need to haul bags of topsoil or fertilizer, put them in the garden cart and pull them to the garden. Need to take a large harvest to the house? Your garden cart can handle it.

Garden carts are preferable over wheelbarrows because wheelbarrows require a lot of lifting power, and they can easily tip over. However, a garden cart is typically built with four wheels, each made with a heavy duty swivel caster. These wheels make it so the cart can easily go over rough, uneven ground while not being at risk to topple over.

Sharp Clippers

Being a good gardener meets taking care of what you’re growing. Often, that means that you need to prune bushes and trees. When you prune them, it allows them to grow stronger root and base systems, which means they’ll be healthier and can grow better and more fruit and flowers. However, if you try to cut the plants back with a pair of kitchen scissors, you’ll find that you do more harm than good. Investing in a good pair of clippers is an investment in your garden’s health.

Soil Knife

A soil knife is one of the best purchases you can make for your garden because of its versatility. It can replace almost every handtool you have in your shed. You can use it to dig holes to plant flowers, remove rocks from the ground, remove weeds from cracks in the concrete, and open bags of soil. Additionally, most soil knives have markings that help you know how deep your hole for a plant is.

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