Stay calm and enjoy the sea

Did you know that living near the sea can be really beneficial for your health? People who live near the coast are happier than those who do not. As early as 1700, doctors prescribed a visit to the coast. It seems that they were onto something.

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It is no secret that people relax at the beach. But how does this affect their health? Seaside environments are known to reduce stress, and encourage more physical activity. This may explain why people in coastal areas report better health. You will have more recreational opportunities if you live near the sea. This will improve your mental health. You may find yourself able to take up hobbies that you never had before, such as fishing, sailing, surfing, or swimming. For an RYA Day Skipper Course, go to

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You are more likely to form new friendships and meet new people if you get out and about. You are more likely to find someone who shares the same interests and hobbies if you’re single. By the ocean, you’re also more likely to sleep well. The air near the ocean is different, and contains more negative ions. It helps you to get more oxygen into your body and balances the feel-good hormones. You’ll feel more relaxed and your mood will improve. This will help you get a better sleep.

It’s easy to spend the majority of your time inside when you live in an urban area. You will be more active if you live near the sea. The sunshine provides vitamin D. The sun also aids in calcium absorption for healthy bones, and helps to fight hypertension.

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