Teflon gets tough

Teflon is a material that you might be surprised to find is in a lot of products. Most people will think of teflon as something used by the military or for industrial purposes as it is well-known for being incredibly tough. It is also called PTFE and is actually a type of plastic. For more information on the many benefits of PTFE Coating, visit a site like

One of the things that makes teflon so tough is that it can only be broken down by hot molten metals or fluorine gas. This means it is highly resistant to corrosion and offers great longevity. Teflon is a popular choice in manufacturing, especially as a coating, thanks to its corrosion resistance. It is commonly used for coating parts of machines that are exposed to high levels of wear and tear and/or friction.

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So, what are some interesting facts about this hard-wearing substance?

Well, firstly you can find it in socks! Nobody thinks they have plastic in their socks but teflon offers low friction when combined with fibres. This makes socks have a smoother feel and helps prevent blisters. Hikers’ socks will often be found with teflon incorporated.

Teflon was discovered completely accidentally! In 1938, a DuPont employee was given the task of finding a material that was both non-flammable and non-toxic that could be used in the manufacture of fridges.

Teflon was used as a part of the atomic bomb during the Second World War. Its anti-corrosion properties made it ideal for creating the bomb.

Of course, most people recognise the name teflon as associated with kitchenware. In the fifties, engineers in France began incorporating it into cookware. It offered non-stick properties which made pots and pans much easier to clean and as such, remains a popular choice to this day.

Another daily use for teflon can actually be found in children’s schoolwear. You may have seen trousers and skirts with labels that mention the fabric has teflon incorporated into it. When worked into the fibres of clothing, teflon is great for stain resistance and the easy removal of stains. Perfect for active and messy kids everywhere! You might also have teflon in your carpets, for the same reason as the stain resistance in clothing, teflon can offer the same easy stain removal for flooring.

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Teflon has a place in space! This non-stick technology has proved increasingly useful for NASA’s missions and in particular, for exploring Mars. The Mars atmosphere is dangerous for craft due to high levels of coarse dust that can cause damage to the exterior of vehicles and cause corrosion.  A non-stick material like teflon could be a game changer in terms of space exploration.

Teflon also has an important part to play in terms of defence and weaponry. Armour piercing bullets are coated in teflon and other types of bullets also have this kind of coating as it lowers the amount of wear and tear and friction inside the gun’s barrel.

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