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Exercise to increase height after 18

The height of a person is largely determined by their genes. In addition to the genetic factors, the height is also related to the growth factor. Fortunately, it is possible to increase the height after 18 years by following some steps that we will detail in this article. A person can grow between 2 and 6 inches more even with exercise to increase height after 18.

Scientists have discovered that the human body can grow and develop even more. There is a possibility to increase the height with some external help. You may also like: Full shoulder workout

Exercise to increase height after 18

It is possible to increase height after the age of 18 years. It requires an additional effort to obtain positive results. It is a well-known fact that nutrition is imperative to achieve greater growth and development, increasing the most important natural height. In addition to this, several other factors must also be taken into consideration to trigger the increase in height after reaching the age of 18.

Exercises to grow

On the floor lying on your back, lift your abdomen as much as you can, and lower it again, if you see that you can not hold on your ankles, put your arms at hip height. You help to push the body up. This stretch has to last between 5 and 10 seconds.

It consists of imitating the figure of a table. You must keep your arms and legs perpendicular to the ground. It is important that the arms and legs are firm, this stretch should last about 10 seconds.

Stick to the wall

Stick to the wall

Link your hands and stretch your arms as much as possible, standing on tiptoe with your feet, it is important to keep the spine straight, each repetition should last 5 seconds.

Stand up, stretch your arms as high as you can, while leaning back as much as possible, you must feel as your spine pulls you. That means you are stretching correctly. Each repetition should last 7 seconds.

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Lie face down

Lie face down

With arms and legs extended, you must lift both parts at once, as high as you can, you can do first with the left side, and then the right side or both sides at once. This procedure has to last 5 seconds between each repetition you should relax for a few seconds and start the next one.

Stand up and place your arms behind your back. With your hands entwined, you must bend down to waist height while you raise your arms as high as you can. Each stretch has to last 5 or 6 seconds.

Get on your knees, place your arms straight on the ground, you must flex the spine down, at the same time you inhale air, and move the head up. Then you must bring your spine up, arching it like a bridge, while you exhale, and lower your head. Each repetition has to last between 5 and 8 seconds.

Sit on the floor

Sit on the floor

With your legs straight and open, you must touch with your hands, the tips of your feet, it is essential, do not bend your knees, and have a straight column. Each repetition has to last between 5 and 15 seconds.

– Adolescents often adopt the habit of smoking and drinking without realizing the adverse effects that these habits cause in their growth. Antibiotics, medications, cigarettes, and alcohol act as growth inhibitors.

– Proper nutrition is vital for a healthy body. Most people can not reach their maximum height due to inadequate nutrition. To obtain adequate nutrition, it is necessary to follow a balanced diet. The consumption of essential nutrients provides the necessary stimulus to increase the height of the body naturally. In addition to these points, should be included in the diet foods rich in zinc, manganese, and phosphorus also contributes to their growth.

– It is recommended to have a healthy breakfast. Skipping breakfast is not a healthy option for growth. Eating the right breakfast increases metabolism and therefore has a positive effect on height.

– Sleeping well and resting properly plays a vital role in growth and development in general. Teens need at least 8.5 to 11 hours of sleep each night. This is because the body grows, and tissues regenerate during sleep. Human growth hormone, which is responsible for the increase in height, occurs during sleep. Therefore, proper sleep and rest are mandatory to gain height.

– Exercise is a vital factor in increasing height. Simple exercises such as jumping, hanging on a bar, and stretching the body standing on the toes should be part of a daily exercise routine. Also, sports activities such as basketball, soccer, and swimming are also beneficial for increasing height. Yoga is also very effective in achieving this goal.

– Maintaining a good body posture plays a vital role in the development of height. Keep the head and neck aligned in a straight posture, since bent and stooped causes the spinal cord to suppress normal height.

– Eat six small meals a day instead of three to boost metabolism. The results depend on what you eat. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you are receiving the vitamins and minerals needed to reach your height naturally.

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