LG Velvet: The firm says goodbye to the numbers and bets on a new strategy!

As of today, LG has yet to unveil a successor to the LG G8 ThinQ. It is true that it already has the LG V60 ThinQ on the market, but there was still the question of whether or not there would be an LG G9. Well, that question has just been completely dispelled, since LG has confirmed through an official statement that your next smartphone will not be neither LG G9 nor will it have an alphanumeric nomenclature, but will be LG Velvet.

This is a new naming strategy that will be accompanied by a twist on design. According to LG, today’s mobiles are “increasingly similar and difficult to distinguish only by technical specifications”, so from now the firm will bet on “distinctive designs and ‘tactile’ elegance to differentiate themselves”. As for names, no numbers, but “familiar and expressive names.” “Velvet”.

A new design of which there are already clues

Last week LG spoke of its new “design language”, revealing that its new terminals will have more curves and will be more elongated. The curves are already well known, see the high-end Samsung or Huawei P40 Pro. LG joins them both in the rear and front, and this can be seen in the renders published by the company.

LG took the opportunity to also speak of a “raindrop” camera, a term that refers to the arrangement of the rear cameras. According to the LG images, the cameras have been placed in the upper left corner. The largest lens is above, below it are two smaller lenses, and below it all, the even smaller LED flash, thus resembling a falling raindrop.

This is official, but shortly after LG published the statement talking about LG Velvet, Ice Universe, the well-known leaker , published on its Twitter profile some renders “designed by Internet users” that show what this new mobile could be like. Always starting from the basis that they are leaks based on the images of LG, in them it can be seen that the new mobile would be more elongated than the LG G, that it would be curved on both sides and that the screen would be the main protagonist of the front.

Be that as it may, they are not filtered renders or anything like that, but rather user interpretations, so the final design is yet to be seen. For example, in the images it is seen that the internal camera would be in a hole in the screen located in the upper left corner, but in LG renders this element is not seen, so it cannot be firmly stated that it will bet on this solution.

Nothing is known about specs, but when LG spoke about this new design language last week, it mentioned that it would be a “premium model for the masses.” That can be interpreted in several ways: that it will be cheaper or that it will not be a premium high-end, but a premium mid-range with a processor like the Snapdragon 765G. In this way, the V range would be the most premium and this new terminal would be configured as a more affordable option.

South Korean media pointed out a few days ago that the new LG mobile would be released on May 15, so we are waiting for the company to confirm it or shed some light on this matter.

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