Five more celebrity styles worth trying

As Coco Channel once said: “Fashion fades, only style is timeless”. These are wise words indeed.

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Although we may try to emulate this mantra, sometimes following the latest trends can conflict with our own sense of style. To avoid manically shopping for the latest celebrity dresses every season, we sometimes need a little timeless elegance in our wardrobes for when it feels like the fashion world has gone mad.

Let’s look at five more celebrities who put the ‘sic’ in ‘classic”.

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1. Marilyn Monroe

This goddess burst into our hearts with her seductive and iconic looks, usually featuring winged eyeliner and bold red lips. With a tiny waistline, it is no wonder Marilyn usually preferred a feminine silhouette.

2. Audrey Hepburn

With her funky, unique look, Audrey turned heads wherever she went with her cute pixie haircut and feminine gloves. Her switches between collared shirts and mini dresses made her a style icon worldwide.

3. Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel was a huge fashion instigator, of course, and has donated aspects of her style to almost every fashion fad, proving her famous fashion statement true. Her style is an inspiration to many, with simplicity, elegance and femininity embodied in every outfit. For herself, Coco was a fan of black and white outfits with nautical inspirations and unusual stripes.

4. Princess Diana

Few members of royalty captured the world’s hearts quite like Princess Diana. Beloved for her kind and caring nature, Diana also made a name for herself in the fashion world by putting her own modern stamp on the royal dress code. As a fan of the wrap dresses accessorised with pearls, stone-embellished chokers and other statement pieces, we can certainly see a link between Diana and the more recent ‘people’s princess’, the Duchess of Cambridge.

5. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer is another actress who embodies the fashion forward-thinking of her alter ego, Rachel from Friends. Both Jennifer and Rachel always know how to put together an outfit. Jennifer’s most inspirational look features classic black dresses in a variety of styles, complemented by stunning accessories.


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Remember that the best look is the one you love, regardless of what others are wearing!

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