How to Block Hackers From My Phone

The smartphone has now become one of the most used technological devices today. Photos, messages, passwords, everything passes from our mobile phone, and it is precisely this that makes it a succulent prey for hackers. A hacker is a person who exploits what are the weaknesses of a computer system to access and extract information from it. What we will do in this guide is to give you some advice and some tips on how to block hackers from my phone.

How to block hackers from my phone?

Hackers nowadays are just around the corner ready to access our devices and violate their privacy. The first thing you need to do with your devices is to constantly update them. A device that no longer receives updates is a simpler prey to attack, this is because a hacker has more time to study a possible weakness, which once found can be exploited to your liking by the attacker to access the smartphone. A device that is instead updated periodically may not give the hacker enough time to find any weakness or, otherwise, eliminate the latter and therefore be able to counter a possible attack by a hacker.

how to block hackers from my phone

Certified software installation

Another tool in the hands of hackers is applications. In this field it must be said that Apple keeps its devices safe from attackers, not allowing its users, if not in an illicit way, to install applications that are not present on the AppStore. Android, unlike IOS, allows this and this makes the devices easier to hack. The code of all the applications present in the official stores (app store for IOS and play store for Android), is checked by experts before being made available. If instead, we install unofficial software, we run the risk that this contains compromising code, which allows hackers to gain possession of everything that is on our device.

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A small precaution that we can take to make our devices a little safer is to install an antivirus. Mobile antivirus cannot be compared to those available on PC, but they still help us defend ourselves from what is now considered the most frequent attacks. Most antiviruses available on the stores offer a free version and a paid version. The free one guarantees the basic functions, which are more than enough to make our device more secure. The paid version usually adds features that allow you to optimize the performance of our device.

Other precautions

Other useful tips maybe not to open links contained in suspicious emails or not to click on links within advertising banners. Use your smartphone with caution and do not enter compromising data inside it that would allow any blackmail by third parties or sensitive data such as credit card codes. Change the passwords of your social networks and emails frequently. Don’t trust anyone and don’t leave your smartphone unattended. Enter a password to unlock the screen, doing so in case of loss, at least secure your data. In fact, if you do not know the unlock code, the only way to use your smartphone is to format it.

Do not give your smartphone to strangers, even for a few minutes.

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