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How to Find a Builder You Can Trust

Before embarking on a building project, it’s important to find the right builder for the job, but how can you ensure they are trustworthy?

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Where to Look
You could rely on personal recommendations or simply search online, but there are other ways to check, including trade associations or your local council, who will have a list of recommended traders. Look on your council’s website under Trading Standards, where they may have lists of approved traders or provide links to schemes like TrustMark, who can recommend some.
Trade associations such as the Federation of Master Builders are also a good way to find a trustworthy builder from their members.
If you have already approached a builder, you can check if they are a trade association member via the association’s website.

Questions to Ask
Checkatrade recommends asking a lot of questions before you employ a builder, including examples of previous projects in your area and for personal references.

There are many online reviews and ratings for builders where you can also get quotes once you’ve looked at a builder’s profile.

Hiring a builder from your local area is best, as they have knowledge of planning permission requirements and will be keen to do a good job in order to secure future work based on your recommendation. If you are looking at builders Bristol, there are several specialist firms such as www.mogfordprescott.co.uk/builders-bristol/ who will be able to answer any queries you might have.

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It’s a good idea to choose a builder who has experience of the particular type of project you want done, whether that’s an extension or new flooring. If you have used tradespeople for other home improvements, they may be able to recommend another specialist if they can’t do it.

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