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Furnishing a mid century modern bathroom, the best design tips

The bathroom is a very private and personal room in the house. Over time, the modern style has become more and more popular in the design world. Furnishing the bathroom in a modern style today is not a problem, as there are different ideas and solutions that are able to respond to the needs of individual spaces.

Whether it is a spacious bathroom or a very small one, there are many solutions to consider starting from the coverings and up to the furnishing accessories.

The important thing is to always have clear ideas about what you want to achieve. It is good to clarify that the choice of furniture elements for the bathroom also depends a lot on the space available. In reality, however, it is also possible to create small bathrooms in a modern style by focusing on fundamental and functional elements.

Furnishing a design bathroom

The concept of essentiality is the basis of the idea of ​​furnishing a modern bathroom. We must avoid overloading, both the coverings and the furnishings. The best tiles, for example, for those who want to furnish a modern bathroom, are those made of parquet, PVC, stone, or wood which can give a truly surprising effect. Among the innovative ideas, perhaps even that of choosing a concrete-effect floor.

The mosaic effect has also come back into fashion in recent years, as long as it is limited to small spaces and not to a solution for the whole room. Colors also play a key role in the final effect. It is good not to darken the environment with shades that are too dark and not even to make everything anonymous with a total white. We should mix vivid tones and lighter colors, to make a more amplified optical effect and brighten up the entire available space.

The ideal furnishing elementsmid century modern bathroom

To create a modern bathroom, the sanitary ware must be elegant and design. We need to give a contemporary and chic touch at the same time. You can opt for sanitary fixtures in total white with matt or glossy steel taps. In some cases, you can also opt for white taps. It is essential that the shapes are square, at most rounded on the edges, but above all linear and clean.

We must not focus on glossy sanitary ware, or on particularly decorated profiles. It is also possible to focus on sanitary ware made with dark tones, provided that there is a combination of the walls in the other lighter furnishings. This choice is only recommended for particularly large bathrooms.

The choice between shower and bathtub

The modern bathrooms are made with either bathtub or shower. It all depends on the space available and your personal needs. Furnishing a modern bathroom with a shower is much easier as it saves space, and is especially recommended for small rooms. It is crucial to always bet on a line essential and compact, in order to optimize the available area.

The choice of the bathtub always depends on its functionality and on the optimization of space. The ideal is the one that emerges and distances itself from the floor as the masonry bathroom is totally out of fashion. If it is at ground floor level, you can also opt for an underground tank. The difference will always be made by the taps. The steel one is recommended perhaps combined with services such as chromotherapy and music, to make the time spent in the bathroom even more enjoyable. Copper and brass should be avoided.

The furniture in a modern bathroommid century modern bathroom

Quantity and shape are the keywords for those who want to furnish a modern bathroom. Usually, the furniture in such an environment is invisible and the volume must be reduced to the bone. The modern style must be emphasized with complementary elements, but without exaggerating in terms of quantity and size. For small rooms, you have to opt for functionality without giving up a minimal style.

In the larger bathrooms, on the other hand, you can think of enriching with suspended wall cabinets or even more demanding furniture, but always with essential shapes. The important thing in both a large and a small environment is to play on contrasts, opt for airiness, breath and also focus on mirrors that can give an idea of ​​the grandeur and a pleasant optical effect. As for the design, it is good to focus on finishes perhaps in steel, while enhancing the color contrast you have chosen.

Other ideas and furnishing accessories in a modern bathroom

The choice of furnishing a modern bathroom also implies paying attention to small furnishing accessories. First of all, the lighting requires lines that are square or round depending on the rest of the furniture chosen. L ‘ essence remains essential.

Another idea that goes well with the modern style is to place a plant in lush bathrooms and high, perhaps in a pot of design that follows the same lines of the chosen health. These small details will make the bathroom more welcoming and personalized.

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