How to combine clothes and achieve impeccable style

Combine clothes – It may seem simple, but a magazine look requires paying attention to the composition. Some tips to combine clothes and colors with wave and style.

Learning how to combine clothes is much more complicated than it seems. There are some basic rules that we all know but, to achieve a modern and original look, the ideal is to learn to appreciate the whole composition.

There are no impossible colors or too much played when we know how to mix them according to the occasion. We reviewed some tricks and analyzed the tones that are trend in the spring summer fashion of 2019 .

Two infallible rules to combine clothes colors

the combine clothes

Although the combinations of colors seem to be almost endless, if we look at a chromatic circle (or color wheel) we can discover two great ways to mix them to achieve harmony. These are:

In monochromatic scale: it is based on using garments from the same palette of colors or close colors in the chromatic circle. For example, blue with dark blue or salmon with pink.

By contrast: it is based on using complementary colors. That is, they are exactly opposite on the color wheel, such as green and red, or yellow and violet. Complementary colors usually work very well together. The set is very attractive to the eye, is super original and attracts all eyes.

The basics, your best ally

The basic garments are those that fly a perfect joker to build good teams or outfits. It is important to have them in your closet due to its functionality.

The basics are essential because they go with everything. It is key that in your wardrobe there is no missing:

  • 1 white shirt
  • 1 white shirt
  • 1 black pants
  • 1 simple black dress
  • 1 jean
  • 1 blue or black blazer
  • 1 leather jacket
  • 1 classic coat

How to combine clothes according to the different colors

combine clothes and achieve impeccable style

In addition to the general rules, each tone has its particularities. A practical guide on how to use the most popular colors and be always impeccable.

Neutral colors: allies in the fight

The so-called neutral colors or jokers are so named because of how easy it is to combine clothes them with the rest of the colors and with each other. For this, it is advisable to maintain a well-equipped wardrobe with neutral tones, to achieve varied and original styles that can be adapted to all occasions.

While white, black, beige and gray are the most classic – and are indispensable in any wardrobe – the list of allies is longer than we think.

Pantone, the leading company and reference when it comes to color, argues that there are other neutral colors and can vary from year to year. This spring-summer season the neutral trends are:

Soybean: a versatile and reliable subtle soy color.

Eclipse: a serious and mysterious deep blue.

Sweet Corn: a soft corn color.

Brown Granit: a strong and rooted brown, which is authentic, discreet and timeless.

A tip: mix colors with blue

The blue color is usually one of the main components of many wardrobes since it is perfect to achieve the most varied outfits . It can be mixed with other tones of the same range, such as light blue or navy blue, with white to achieve a nautical look super canchero or red to add a final touch of distinction.

We can also use it as a wild card since it looks good with orange, pink, yellow and the chosen Pantone 2019:  the live coral .

If we talk about how to combine men’s clothing, we can not fail to mention the beige or gray as accessories for the blue in a infallible wardrobe.

The difficult figurine: colors that combine clothes with green

the combine clothes

Green can be one of the most difficult colors to integrate into a set with different shades. However, knowing certain tricks, can become a great ally to achieve an elegant and sophisticated style. In addition, the great variety of tonalities – ranging from military green, to olive and caqui – give it great versatility.

Like blue, green goes very well with other shades of the same range. Other options include red, which is opposite, black and beige. If we want to take a little more risk, it can work well with orange, pink and yellow. In this case, we should not add more colors or overloaded decorations.

Combine brown, another complicated task

The brown is very versatile and can help us put together looks of the most varied. A good option is to use it with other colors of its tonal range. Earth, camel or beige colors are the perfect complements if we want a ‘total look’ well chic. For the final touch of distinction, we can avail of complements in gold. For a sober and sophisticated outfit, we can use it with black and white together.

Combination of colors in printed clothing

combine clothes and achieve impeccable style

While for a long time a basic rule was not to mix different patterns, things have changed and this prohibition is no longer a holy word. However, we must take some precautions to make sure that our outfit  works . Some tips to keep in mind are:

  • Make sure that the colors of the patterns combine well with each other.
  • Use patterns with the same family of tonalities. If not, mix two prints that share some color. This is a way to make sure they combine clothes.
  • Mix small and large patterns to achieve harmony. Using two of the same size can make our look look overloaded.
  • Separate prints with solid colored garments.
  • Avoid overloading the outfit too much: with two prints it reaches and exceeds.

Some extra tips

We give you some tips to finish the look in the best way:

  • Balancing proportions is as important as paying attention to colors. For example, if we are going to use a very large garment, it is advisable to assemble the equipment with another one more adjusted to the body.
  • Another tip to put together an outfit is to choose a protagonist garment and design the rest of the set around it.
  • The magic is in the details. The smallest items such as shoes and accessories are those that help us to give the perfect closure to our group.
  • Some restrictions are ancient history. For example, it is no longer necessary to bring all our accessories of the same color.
  • The golden rule: less is more. We should not overload our outfit too much. The ideal is to fix a maximum of three colors or two prints.
  • Moderating the animal print, it is very easy to become tired in sight.
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