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Why small businesses need a website? 8 reasons

The problem is that 35% of microenterprises are not connected to the Internet, according to some studies. In the case of the self-employed, the percentage is worse. The reasons behind this fact are usually the same: the budget and time, or both. Find the ideal web creation platform to create your website and show your company to the World.

Why small businesses need a website?

We have made a study and gathered 8 reasons why small businesses need a website.

Why small businesses need a website

1. Correct presentation of your offer

Properly planning an Internet presence includes dealing intensively with the offer of products or services. This, from time to time, is a more important aspect of what customers believe. In this way, the occasional clientele of a shoe store. For example, can find out on the homepage that besides having shoes for Children, also sells women’s shoes and accessories.

2. Effective advertising

How is your advertising? Be it emails, flyers or any other method. These techniques put pressure on the client and rarely contact him at the right time. On the contrary, if he finds you by Google, the chances of a potential customer contacting you are greater. Get very cheap or free advertising is virtually impossible: Those visitors who come through normal (organic) searches do not represent expenses. It is clear that the creation, maintenance, and optimization of a web page requires the first investment, but see motive number 3.

3. You can create and transform the web page yourself

Create a web page with the right software, creating a web page is easier than you think. In this web, we collect and value the best creators of web pages. With these very easy to use content management systems (CMS), anyone who can use a computer can also create a web page. During the process of creating the page. It is highly recommended to gather opinions from acquaintances or even clients in order to value the work.

4. Your customers can recommend you more easily

If your product is good, your customers will recommend you in complete safety. In these times, in the era of the online world, the phenomenon of propagation occurs through means such as email, Facebook or other social networks. Through the classic forums. Without a website, it is impossible for anyone to link your site and give up this important, and still very important, recommendation channel.

5. Your customers are going to you

In case you regularly receive customers in your office or company, a description of how to get there is most useful. To integrate Google Maps for this, for example, requires only one or two minutes.

6. Response to customer requests through the web

The safest thing is that you can think of two or three questions that your clients ask quite often. An entertaining telephone conversation with customers is always welcome. However, you can also invest your time in more productive things than answer the same questions over and over again. In a section of “Frequently Asked Questions,” you can answer these questions directly on the website. For all other questions, you can create a contact form online. If you like to treat customers by phone, also includes phone contact.

7. Sell your products online

If you have products that can be sent, it is not a bad idea to also offer them in an online store. This increases the number of potential customers in your country in one fell swoop and, if you wish, even abroad. Nowadays, creating an online store no longer represents an engineering job, you can create your own online store.

8. You are in a phase in which you are building a dialogue channel with your client

To be able to establish a union with your clientele, the most logical thing is to communicate with her. This does not have to be done individually, but you can use email (newsletter), Twitter or Facebook. Creating a blog can be very useful for the self-employed, as they will position themselves as experts in the specialized field.

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