First day– When we go to study in a new school, everything is emotion and nerves. One day before the “big day” we have chosen to choose the best outfit. Because of course, the first impression is what counts-; we have reviewed the schedule hundreds of times, to be sure of what the first class will be; We put all the things in our backpack, we make sure that nothing is missing, because what a pity to ask something to a person we do not know. They are going to dismiss us as irresponsible on the first day.

The time has come and it is finally the day to cross that enormous door, to surround ourselves with hundreds of unknown people, to walk through the corridors that with the passage of time will feel our footsteps fast because we are already late for the class. That long-awaited day has arrived and we know that it will not be a common day like the others: it is our “first day of classes”.

Starting our studies in a new school represents new opportunities and a new way to go, so it represents an unknown world and we do not know what to do. For that reason, we give you 5 tips so that your first day is not a disaster.

Sleep early

the first day

Maybe the dream dissipates and you do not manage to reconcile it, because obviously your mind will be thinking about thousands of things and nerves will invade your body. But to relax you can listen to your favorite music or read a good book. Remember that you must be rested to be fresh like a lettuce and wake up without any problem.

First day review the schedule and know the school

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No matter how many times you review your schedule and you may seem “intense” to see it every 5 seconds, memorize it so that you do not enter into crisis by not knowing what matter touched you. Make sure you carry it in your backpack, or if you did not print it, take a picture. It is better prevent!

Also, before your first day, if you have the opportunity, go to the school so you know where the rooms are that belong to you. There is no worse time than being lost in school, going through every hallway to find our classroom!

Check your backpack

It is better to make sure that each material we will occupy is in place. Check that your notebooks, pens, corrector, rubber, or whatever you use, are in your backpack. Even if you think it’s a lot, it’s better to carry more than one pen, you do not know if someone may need it! With respect to electronic items, you can take your lap, calculator, tablet; This depends on what you are going to study and if the school demands it.

Arrive early at school

the first day

If you are one of those who sleep 5 more minutes, do not apply this day! It’s better to arrive early at school. Why? Because maybe you did not have time to know the school in advance, and if you arrive before you will have time to look for your room with all the calm of the world and you will be able to choose the seat in your living room. It would be uncomfortable to arrive late and interrupt the class to enter, and apart, sit down. So, foresee the time that you will travel.

Think of your presentation

the first day of school

It is common that on the first day of school, teachers often ask questions such as: Why did you choose this school? Why did you decide to study this? What are your hobbies? Therefore, think about these kinds of things to see how you want to project yourself, and what impression you want to make on both your colleagues and the teacher.

The first day will always be inescapable nerves, but with these tips it will be easier than your first day is not a disaster. However, first of all, be yourself and enjoy every moment in school, that you will begin a new stage. Are you ready to start the big school day?

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