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Why choose sustainable Timber Frame Kits?

Building new homes using completely sustainable, quality Timber Frame Kits is not only environmentally friendly but cost-effective and quick too. With many years’ experience of working in the Timber and Construction Industries a reputable company such as /merlintimberframe.co.uk/ can provide a bespoke approach to providing comprehensive Timber Frame Kits.  Complying with all the rigorous safety regulations and requirements necessary, they can supply lintels, steel works, soffits and fascias if required as well as porches, garages and even decorative roof details, for a fully finished approach. Following a thorough initial consultation this dedicated Team of skilled specialists work through your individual designs and ideas.  Then after providing you with a realistic quotation they work with you to achieve your goals.

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From conception to completion, their friendly, professional Team will be by your side as you undertake the building process. By completing your bespoke kit off site, they can ensure everything is precisely measured and cut accordingly, guaranteeing that your build will be completed quickly and efficiently. With the advantage of being able to design, engineer and manufacture individual kits in a range of sizes and with an experienced Team to help your entire build they are leading the way in this uniquely clever building process.

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Timber not only has the lowest embodied carbon but is naturally renewable, so a great source of building material that won’t harm the environment. When constructed the wooden properties are robust and look visually appealing.

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