Wearing the best polarized sunglasses is almost mandatory best-sun-polarized glassesto get out today. It becomes necessary because we must protect our eyes from the inclement and powerful UV rays. These can cause burns when penetrating our eyes and the glasses provide an important help to prevent their passage. Wearing them preserves and even improves vision.

Of course, this is not a new topic. Damages from prolonged exposure to sunlight have been proven, some time ago. That’s why there are hundreds of eye accessory options available in the market.

It is not easy to choose them. There are frames with or without frames; to do sports activities such as cycling, fishing, mountain, snow and even driving in a race. Styles and colors, hundreds of them. For men or women, of recognized brand or designer … It’s a whole range of possibilities.

Buying them online could be complicated because how do you know if they will look good without trying them in front of a mirror? The good news is that there are tricks for that. Here you will find some tips to find polarized ones of good quality, at an affordable price and adjusted to your face and tastes.

Top best polarized sunglasses

best polarized sunglasses

Before reviewing the tips to choose a polarized good you can take a look at this list with some of those that have been recently rated by buyers online and so you will have a better idea of ​​what is going well.

You may even find a low or less expensive price and you will have the opportunity to make your own comparison with the characteristics of each, and then buy without further doubt.

What is polarized light?

the best polarized sunglasses

If you have been recommended to use a certain type of sun glasses, in a few words, polarized ones, maybe you have asked yourself this question: What is polarized? What does it mean? The term refers to a property that possesses waves in general, including sunlight. Polarization is a part of those movements that perform light waves.

It is a strong glare that, when shining in many directions, we do not distinguish it when we see the light normally, but there it is, entering through our eyes. Some surfaces such as water, ice and sand, even soap bubbles make that polarized light bounce and we can see it in a more organized way. You have noticed? Those colors of decaying light?

What are polarized sunglasses and what are they for?

The polarized ones have been designed to imitate those surfaces that make bounce and block the passage of polarized light (water, ice, etc), to prevent this, together with the UVA and UVB rays of the sun, from penetrating our eyes and damaging our eyesight . Do you want to know how they work?

The lenses are made with a special material that covers them or is mixed with them during their manufacture. This is how they block the polarization of light. Therefore, looking through glasses with these characteristics makes us see things with different shades and, in fact, those shades can change as we turn our head. They are the waves moving and trying to penetrate without getting it.

How to know if the glasses are polarized?

discover best polarized sunglasses

Many recognized brands certify that their lenses are polarized with a special seal or signal. The Ray-Ban, for example, specify it on one side in one of the rods. There are many brands that also offer them, such as Bollé, Oakley, Hugo Boss, Polaroid, etc. But if you still have doubts, you can check it in a couple of very simple ways.

With a computer monitor

Take your glasses and place them facing the monitor on your computer. Once in that position rotate them a little, about 60 °. If you see that the lenses darken to become black Congratulations! Your glasses are polarized and you have made a good purchase. If, on the other hand, the image is still clearly seen through them, you will know that they are ordinary glasses.

Superimposing one polarized eyeglass on another

If you already had a pair of polarized ones before and you want to check the veracity of new ones, place one over the other overlapping, as if in your face you were placing two glasses at the same time. Then rotate one of them, equal to 60 °. If the lenses that remain superimposed darken, then both are polarized. Otherwise, if you see clearly still, some of them or both are ordinary glasses.

In some optics you could ask that your glasses be graduated or neutral, this will allow them to be used in certain activities with greater safety or lower risk.

How to choose solar glasses that are polarized on the internet?

There are a variety of models with different characteristics. Therefore, when choosing these accessories, you must take into account their specifications. This way you can adapt them not only to your tastes and the shape of your face, but also to the type of activity you will perform while using them. Also, when buying glasses online, you need to pay close attention to the description to avoid buying something that is not what you are looking for.

The first thing to check should always be your level of protection for our sight.


Verify well that they include the word polarization between your technical data. Some such block the annoying brightness, reducing eye fatigue and protecting the eyes from damage by intense exposure to the sun.

UV protection

For better health of your eyes, check that the ones you choose include protection against UV rays, especially UVA and UVB that are the biggest cause of damage and capable of generating cancer. If he does not say that they have this security measure, they most likely do not have it, so he keeps looking.

Color of the lenses

Believe it or not, the color of the glasses is not just about aesthetics. Depending on the use you give to yours, you must select the color of the lenses. There are different shades that vary from gray and brown, through green, blue, yellow, pink crystal and amber. Depending on the color, the distortion in the polarization of the light is greater or lesser.

It is possible to find them degraded with a combination of colors.

Lens material

You will find that there are glass and also plastic. Although the former could be more precise in terms of optical vision and have a longer duration, they are also heavier. This can be annoying for certain sports activities. Polycarbonate is one of the best materials because it combines the lightness of the plastic with the precision of the crystals. However, its price is not the least expensive.

You will also find acrylics that although they are cheaper, tend to generate some visual distortion.

In any case, the important thing is to achieve a pair of good quality at an affordable price.

Frame material

top best polarized sunglasses

Acetate, metal fiber and nylon are the most common. The fiber and nylon are more flexible, the second more resistant to impact. Acetate, on the other hand, does not have these advantages but is available in a greater variety of colors. There are also wooden ones, very nice. To enjoy a day at the beach, they are perfect.

Fit and form

It is vital for the wearer of the glasses that these fit well to your face, not only for aesthetic reasons but also for functionality and comfort. At the time of a triathlon, you will not want to trip when the glasses begin to slide on your nose. You also do not want to have headaches because of very tight glasses. So the best thing is to get some that fit perfectly.

To buy them online is not very easy in this regard. What you can do is take the measurements of the bridge, width and rods of some glasses that you have at home and that you are comfortable and look for ones that match those numbers.

When to use polarized sunglasses?

According to the activities that you are going to carry with your polarized sets, it is necessary to know which one suits which. Take note of this guide.

  • To ski or use with snow: they are better polycarbonate, amber and with frames that are not metal.
  • For boat rides or deep water sites: prefer gray or dark.
  • When going to the beach or places of shallow water: they can be brown, red or orange.
  • If you go hunting: use them in red, orange or blue.
  • For cycling: the most appropriate are in shades of brown, orange, photo chromic or graduated.
  • In the case of sports such as football, tennis and other similar: opt for polycarbonate blue or green.
  • To play golf: there are special models. Normally, they are pink or brown.
  • To drive: for greater safety you should look for them degraded. With lighter shades in the middle of both lenses and more with darker shades up and down. The most suitable colors in this case are brown or green in bright light. It also serves yellow, when there is soft light.

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