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Foundations for a successful inbound marketing strategy

What things are indispensable in a good inbound marketing strategy? In this post we review the elements that can not be missing to implement inbound marketing in your company.

In any case, strictly speaking, it is still a correct answer. As you can imagine, each industry, and in turn each company within each of the industries, requires a specific strategy focused on solving contexts that are specific to it and destined to reach particular goals.

However, it is possible to define some tasks that are common to the vast majority of cases. And that allow to get a more concrete idea about the bases of an inbound marketing strategy .

Deep and firm foundations

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Making an analogy with construction, whether it is an ostentatious skyscraper or a humble house. Any project that aims to develop successfully requires deep and firm foundations. In the case of an inbound marketing strategy, regardless of its complexity or ultimate goal, the same thing happens.

These foundation are inexorable when it comes to mounting any type of marketing strategy. And even more in the case of the inbound.

These tasks are:

  1. Creating profiles of Buyer Persona.
  2. Alignment of objectives between Marketing and Sales.
  3. Analysis of competition and current market situation.
  4. Audit of existing content.
  5. Preparation of a content plan.
  6. Design or adaptation of the website.
  7. Definition of topics and keywords for SEO strategy and ad campaigns.
  8. Integration with CRM, analysis platforms and marketing tools.
  9. Generation or adaptation of accounts in social networks according to the profiles of Buyer Personas.

Profiling of Buyer Person

This is one of the most important tasks. Since it will define the audience to which the marketing strategy that is projected will be directed.

Basically they are fictitious profiles of the ideal clients we want to reach. And they are made by answering a series of questions mainly linked to demographic information, objectives, challenges and behavior.

Alignment of objectives between Marketing strategy and Sales

It consists of achieving a strategic approach to minimize possible conflicts of interest between both areas. The main objective is to reorganize efforts to close more businesses .

For the Marketing area, it is a key step because it allows you to know in advance what type of leads the Sales area considers suitable. In counterpart, the Sales area will provide feedback that will allow Marketing to optimize its processes. And achieve more and better leads.

Analysis of competition and current market situation

Here it is important to know, among other things, which are the main companies acting in the same niche, which are strengths. What is the differential of their product, in what social networks do they participate. How often do they publish, what they are talking about, etc.

All these elements will give a more finished picture about the market and how to take advantage of resources.

Audit of pre-existing content

successful inbound marketing strategy

In case the client in question already has a blog of his own and material available on the web for download. It is necessary to review everything that has been generated to define its usefulness in the strategy that is to be implemented.

It is practically an inventory of the content , categorizing it by topic, stage of the funnel for which it applies, extension, etc.

Preparation of a content plan

Based on the profiles of Buyer Persona, the analysis of the competence and content auditing, the preparation of a content plan that contemplates topics related to the pain points of the audience. Or issues that require highlighting by about competitors and take advantage of the work already done.

At this point the collaboration of different areas of the company is very important. Since they can provide different views on the same subject.

Design or adaptation of the website

For a website to successfully fulfill its role, it must have been created considering key factors such as usability, design. And user experience . Of course, it is also essential that it contain the right information for the audience to which we want to reach.

Undoubtedly, this can be one of the most extensive tasks in the implementation of the strategy. So it is important to use a design methodology that optimizes work time and results. In this aspect. The modular construction of the Growth Driven Design (GDD) allows to shorten the implementation times of changes and updates, reduce development costs and increase the useful life of the site.

Definition of keywords, SEO strategies and ad campaigns

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Choosing an appropriate set of keywords (keywords), defining the appropriate SEO strategies. And investing in the ads efficiently, are fundamental tasks in the implementation of digital marketing. And constitute the basic recipe to guarantee a long-term ROI.

If you are looking to generate more organic traffic it is necessary to implement SEO tactics and find the delicate balance between those keywords easily attainable. And those that are relevant to your business. That way, even when you do not invest in paid ads, traffic will still come to your site. To determine what these keywords are.

But nevertheless, it is really necessary to invest time and money in the promotion of ads based on those keywords. Of course. This will not replace other types of optimization to generate traffic. But on the contrary, they will be a complement to other marketing strategies.

Integration with CRM, analysis platforms and marketing tools

The success of an inbound marketing strategy depends strongly on the platform that will be used to manipulate the enormous volume of information that will be generated. And for that reason, a correct integration is fundamental to start with the right foot.

The web analysis platforms and marketing tools will also be key pieces in the optimization process. Since they will allow knowing the behavior of the users, saving time by automating repetitive actions. And analyzing the collected data to make informed decisions.

Generation of accounts in social networks according to Buyer People

discover marketing strategy

Clearly people of all ages, professions and contexts toda

y spend considerable time on social networks. However, as a company it would be enormously inefficient to invest resources to participate in all of them while waiting for the right buyer to appear.

In summary

As can be seen, establishing the foundations of a successful inbound marketing strategy is not something that is achieved from one day to the next.  Nor is it to build a house, or reach any other goal that ends with the word “successful”.

With a team of trained professionals and the right tools, all the tasks mentioned are usually carried out during the first months of work. And constitute the starting point for the implementation of attraction, conversion and business closure campaigns.

What is needed, then, to implement a successful inbound marketing strategy? Time, work, dedication and, above all, commitment of all involved.

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