Exercise in cold weather what to keep in mind?

The intense cold comes and the truth is they do not want to do anything other than being in bed watching series and eating lots of calories. If you are one of those people who never stop exercising or you get the blame for the feeding. Here we will review what you should keep in mind when you are about to exercise in cold weather.

Exercise in cold weather

According to some physician, the body has certain reactions during the cold season: it activates mechanisms to ensure its survival and the preservation of temperature and health.

One of the most important measures of the body is the thinning of the blood vessels so that they get closer to the organs and thus avoid the loss of heat. In this way, we can maintain the ideal temperature.

But, there is a consequence: the lack of blood in the extremities. In addition, the blood takes longer to reach the muscles and tendons, which, as you can imagine, increases the risk of injury.

Exercise in cold weather


Recommendations for exercise in cold weather

The body is very intelligent, but you should not abuse its great qualities and skills. Therefore, we recommend the following to reduce risks when exercising at low temperatures.

  • Hydrate yourself: the cold, many times, makes us not thirsty; however, we need to drink water to avoid dehydration and some other muscle problems such as cramping.
  • Open up: yes, its okay that you’re going to get warm, but you should still be warm with at least three layers of clothes. In addition, it is recommended to avoid cotton, as it keeps moisture. Our body is not designed to breathe very cold air since the ventilation channels are reduced. That’s why it’s important that you do not forget the scarf and the hat.
  • Avoid exercise: If you suffer from asthma, bronchitis, heart or circulatory diseases or if you have joint problems, it is best to avoid exercise. All get worse if you exercise in cold weather.
  • Warm up: It is essential to avoid muscle injuries so, you must pay attention and do not rush. If you usually heat 15 minutes, you may need 5 more to achieve the same results.
  • Exercise in cold weather



As you can see, exercising at low temperatures can complicate some things or at least, increase the risk of injury or catching a cold. So do not take it lightly. Eat healthy, pay attention to changes in temperature and go to the doctor in case of any abnormality.

Well, grandmothers say “it is better to prevent than to regret”, more if you go on vacation because nobody likes to go to the beach with the flu. So, you say exercise in cold weather should be done carefully.

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