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Low Budget Interior House Painting Tips

Painting the house is an undoubtedly difficult task. Always try to give it a lighter tone and you will have the feeling that the meters have been stretched; a more intense one, and space will look cozier and collected; a glossy finish. It will appear that you have opened a new window in the living room … The transformative power of the interior house painting tips is tremendous.

Interior house painting tips

If you dare to paint your house with these interior house painting tips, you can do it yourself. And for very little money!

Plan where to start

If you want to paint the whole house which room will be the first? The ideal is to clear the rooms to the maximum. If you paint the empty one first, it will help you to release the rest and make your movement easier.

Try different colors to get it right

If you doubt the color, make brush strokes on the walls where the light strikes differently and look at them at different times of the day.

The different paint firms offer a very extensive palette of color references from which to choose, a very practical option, especially if you later want to repaint a room or do reviews. If you want to make the mixture, you should start with white paint and go carefully, as some tile.

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interior house painting tips

Prepare the walls well and make arrangements

If they are in poor condition, they should be sanded well, cleaned of the created dust, primed and putty before painting. The painting, by itself, does not eliminate imperfections.

Mini defects? You just need some putty for small cracks and holes. Wait for it to dry, since sometimes you have to sand and clean.

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Choose the most suitable paint

If the walls are in good condition, you can use plastic paint for all rooms, including the kitchen and bathroom. In addition, they are increasingly natural, which barely gives off the smell of paint. But you have other options:

Thixotropic With a great covering power, it is ideal for walls with grease, smoke, moisture, and even mold and rust stains.

And the enamels? Choose acrylic and non-synthetic: you will reduce solvents. Although you should know that, according to we obtain to professionals with plastic paint.

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Ceilings, corners, and walls

Start with the roof to cover the drops that fall on the walls. But if there are defects to mask, start there and paint corners.

Smooth corners. To avoid the difference between the corner brush trail and the rest of the wall, paint them first, by brush, and blur the stroke with a roller.

It’s time for carpentry

Paint the doors and carpentry with a flat pallet and small rollers with very short or foam hair. Ideally, work with two: a wet one with which you load the paint surface and a dry one, with which you comb it.

Paint freehand! And do not put a painter’s tape on the wall to avoid staining it, since when you take it out you can lift the paint and the remedy will be worse.

Six hours later, another layer

Open the windows well so that the paint dries well and soon. In the case of plastic paint, wait at least six hours between layers. If it is enamel, look closely at the directions on the package.

Monolayer paint. If you use this type of paint, you will not have to give it a second layer, although the application may cost you something else. Rate it well before deciding.

Remove the tape and touch up

Once it has dried, do not wait to remove the tape from the whole house. If you leave it and it dries, it will break, leave a trace of glue on the wall or take the paint with it.

Last touches Once everything is clean, take a look and with a small brush or with a small roller, fix any possible damage.

And now that? You see yourself painting without a problem, right? Well, for that. You have a few days to choose colors. Prepare it all, and you will start the month of April by opening the house.

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