Signs Your TV Aerial Might Need Repairing

Despite the rise of online streaming, millions of people still rely on traditional TV to watch their favourite shows. But like any other electronic device, TV aerials are prone to wear and tear and will need repair from time to time. So how can you tell if your TV aerial is in need of repairs?

  1. A weak digital signal

If you’re getting frequent interruptions while watching TV, or the image is blurry or pixelated, this can be a sign that your antenna needs to be repaired or replaced. A weak digital signal is caused by a disruption of the frequencies that the TV aerial picks up and transmits to your TV. This can be caused by a number of things including new buildings, houses or other structures nearby that are interfering with the signals or the signal strength itself. For help with TV aerial repair Tewkesbury, contact

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  1. Faulty connections

Another common cause of a bad TV signal is due to faulty wiring. This can be caused by poor installation or simply due to age and wear and tear over time. Exposure to the elements can also damage wiring, especially if it’s located outside and is exposed to rain or sunlight. Wiring problems are often difficult to identify and require a professional to examine them and fix them.

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  1. Interference

A frequent cause of interference is electrical appliances such as your fridge or thermostat interrupting the digital signal. Also, if your television is pointed towards a window that’s facing a building or other structure, this can interfere with the signal. Sometimes a simple readjustment of the antenna can solve this issue.

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