How to grow the eyelashes naturally and quickly

This time we will talk about something that we love in women and it is eyelashes. In here we will learn how to grow the eyelashes naturally and quickly. We all know that lately there have been many tricks and tips for that beauty to be enhanced both naturally and with makeup or other beauty techniques that you can apply every day. Read More “How to grow the eyelashes naturally and quickly”

Effective And Exceptional Home Remedies To Whiten Teeth Instantly

Are you looking to whiten your teeth without having to pay more? These easy and home remedies to whiten teeth instantly will help you. We all want our teeth to look white and spotless every time we show our beautiful smile, but sometimes they can have a somewhat yellow tone for coffee, dark drinks, and many other things. But do not worry. There are several ways to whiten teeth from home to restore their natural color. Read More “Effective And Exceptional Home Remedies To Whiten Teeth Instantly”

Make easy masks for face skin from cultivated berries

This mask for dry skin nourishes, moistens and whitens face skin. Mix ¼ glass of gooseberry juice with ¼ glass of milk. Wet some layers of gauze in it and put on the face. Also put the wet towel above. Keep for some minutes and then wash the face.
Here is mask for sensitive skin of face. You should mix 2 tea-spoons of red currant juice, 1 tea-spoon of curds and 1 tea-spoon of honey. Put the mixture on the face and in 15 minutes wash with cold water. Also you can make another mask. Mix 1 tea-spoon of curds with 1 tea-spoon of honey and add 2 tea-spoons of gooseberry juice. Put the mask for 10-15 minutes and then wash with cold water.

If your skin is normal you can make a mask from raspberry. Wet a napkin in the raspberry juice and put on the face for 15 minutes. Then take away mask and wash the face with cool water. This mask cleans and nourishes face skin. Or take 1 table-spoon of raspberries and mix with 1 table-spoon of honey. Put the mixture on the face for some minutes. This mask moistens skin very well.

And finally it’s mask for greasy skin from cherry. Wet a napkin in fresh cherry juice and put on the face for 15-20 minutes. Then wash the face with cool water. Also you can make the mask from apricot. Mash some apricots and mix with sour milk (1:1) and put on the face. Keep for 15-20 minutes and wash with cold water.

5 effective winter hair care home remedies

The weather in winter not only dries the skin but also the hair. It is not only cold air that mistreats your hair, but also things like indoor heating, air conditioning, dryers and style tools. The only way you can keep your hair shiny is to keep it hydrated. It is important to moisturize your hair from the inside as well as the outside. Here are some tips to keep your hair healthy in the harsh winter months.  Read More “5 effective winter hair care home remedies”

Summer Makeup Tips

Summer is a time of pleasures although melting makeup and super sticky lipstick are not among them. So, in hot weather, using cosmetics should be minimal. Changing a cosmetic with the seasons is as natural as replacing a wardrobe. Summer makeup assists to highlight woman’s appearance. In spite of summer heat a woman has to keep a fresh, dewy look and summer make-up promotes to achieve this goal. So, a viewer should see a woman’s features at their best without of noticing makeup. What can look better in hot day than an attractive summer makeup?

It is important to remember is that skin tone is darker in the summer, so a woman needs to use a foundation that better fits a summer tan. Before starting the makeup process, one should clean face with an ice cube to clog the pores and make the skin more matted. If a woman has a mixed or oily skin, it is recommended to apply a gel-cream or a moisturizing lotion.

Due to applying a moisturizer before make-up, process of foundation will go on evenly and create a uniform color. Using of tinted moisturizer can add just a hint of color to a pale face. It is better to select a moisturizing foundation over a cream that will enable the skin breathing. For a more natural look, a woman can substitute foundation by powder. The best choice is the powder with a light, transparent texture and such colors as golden, bronze or pink. Dewy face with the light translucent powder is a perfect summer look.

The best colors of eye shadow for summer are warm tones. Natural colors for eye shadow such as beige, warm shades of brown, pink and orange look quite well. Also, such shadow colors as golden-green or mango green can be applied along with black or brown mascara. Using an eyeliner pencil of slate gray, warm chocolate or navy color helps to intensify the look. It is better to avoid lip liner and rich heavy lipstick and prefer to apply a lip gloss with beige or peach color.

Now it is time to use a blush. Blush promotes to refresh the skin. Gold shimmer under brows or across cheekbones can be made to highlight your features. If you want to accentuate the tanned effect, apply a bronze illuminating powder or a creamy blush for a fresh look. Light tint of bronzer on cheekbones and chin provides a woman with a beautiful suntan. Bronzer promotes eyes look brighter, teeth whiter, every woman looks attractive with a light warmth added to the skin. Although, it is considered that bronze color is more appropriate for brunettes, whereas pink, coral or peachy is suited for blondes.

So, that’s it, your summer makeup is perfect. In fact most people won’t even realize that you are wearing any cosmetics at all. They will think that very attractive woman born that way!

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Eye Shadow as a Key of Eye Makeup

Since ancient times civilizations have been applied eye shadows. Eye shadow is a key of eye makeup. It spreads on the eyelids and under the eyebrows. Being used to shade the eyes, it also serves to brighten and visually increase depth to the eyes. Applied in right way, eye shadow can visually change shape of eyes and make s eyes look more attractive and draw attention of people around.

To improve the color of eye shadow and make it keep longer it may be used an eye shadow base. It spreads the eyelids to help to blend an eye shadow. The eye shadow base is made from a powder and mica and includes Vitamin E which protects the sensitive skin of the eyes. It doesn’t contain any animal ingredients. The eye shadow base generally comes as a cream or powder. While most eye shadow bases are matted, some of them have a hint of sheen and may be used as a highlighter.

Eye shadow base may be also applied beneath the eyes to hide dark circles or other imperfections. It can be used alone for a fresh, natural look.
There are palettes of various colors and textures of eye shadows available at the market.

The first task for a woman is to select the right colors to go with her eye. Usually an eye shadow set consists of three colors, the lightest color is used as highlighter and the darkest is used in the crease. It is rather to choose a shade that is close to a complexion of a woman. For example, gray, violet, purple or taupe color of eye shadow fit women with blue eyes. Also, one may select metallic or shimmery shadow to emphasize one’s blue eyes. Women with green or hazel eyes go well with shades of brown, purple, plum and green.

Generally women apply eye shadows of various colors using light shade inside eye corner and moving to dark one that aids eyes to look farther apart and larger. The light colors promote to accent the eye, while dark shades help to alter the shape.

Many eye shadows come in powder forms and contain talc and mica. Pressed powder eye shadow also contains binding agents, such as mineral oil or silicone. The mica powder gets eye shadow a glossy shine. There is cream, liquid, pencil, or mousse forms of eye shadows as well. Cream shadow is used above the line of eyelashes and not suited for area below the eye, as it can make the eyes look older. Liquid eye shadows can be sparkling or soft and create a moist or shimmering look.

Heavily applied eye shadow is appropriate for photography, due to it promotes to keep the features in focus. However, using eye make up should not be overdone. So, don’t forget to check your application in natural light. A good makeup makes the appearance expressive.

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Proper Foundation is the Basis of Makeup

Makeup foundation is a substance applied in cosmetics to create a smooth uniform color to face and conceal flaws. Moreover, foundation also protects face from the drying sun rays, wind and other effects of weather conditions.

Since antiquity and Middle Ages it has been believed fashionable for women to have pallid face. So, ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans and later, mediaeval women used chalk and white lead powder to whiten the face.

Modern makeup foundation formula was invented by Carl Baudin working in the Leipzig theatre in Germany. This foundation was used for theatrical make-up until 1914, when the famous cosmetologist Max Factor created flexible greasepaint for movie actresses. His Pan-Cake was the first “foundation and powder in one” and being suggested at market in 1937, gained a great success and popularity in spite of the economic regression.

Makeup foundations create a basis for a woman’s appearance, so it is crucial to make a right choice among the numerable colors and types of foundations available at the market. It depends on natural color, type, and tone of skin. While choosing a foundation it is needed to take into account that the appearance of the shade may not accurately correspond to the color of foundation on the skin.

Women wishing to look whiter often make mistake in option of a makeup foundation. First of all, it is necessary to choose a foundation that seems close to the natural skin tone. The face and neck should appear the same color. Foundation needs to be proper blended, especially under the jaw line, near the hairline and over and under the eyes, so that a viewer couldn’t notice any difference.

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Find Your Favorite Foundation Type

Liquid foundations work well for the most types of skin. There are oil-based and water-based make-up formulas. The water-based foundation usually contains some silicon oil and spreads easily and smoothly at the face. This make-up foundation provides light coverage and looks more naturally compared with oil-based foundation.

The oil based foundations fit for dry and wrinkled face. Being greasy oil based makeup promotes to saturate the skin with moisture that makes such type of skin look wet. It is rather waterproof, and gives the most opaque coverage; though it can get smeared, blur, darkening or oxidizing with the times.

Cake or stick foundations come in solid forms and fit an oily skin. Due to their thick matted texture these foundations serves to conceal defects and scars. Such solid foundation is applied for some occasions. In case person has a combination of oily and dry skin, cream-to-powder based foundation fits the best for such type of skin.

Mineral foundations are appropriate for all skin types; they provide sunscreen and a moist fresh look. Being medicated these foundations are also used to get rid from pimples and acne.

One more type of medicated foundation is spray foundation. This foundation come in different shades and can keep the makeup for long hours. It can be refreshed by spraying over makeup. Also spray foundation is applied for scars and post surgical skin as well. You can acquire any high quality cosmetics with medicine effect online for instance, use Canadian Pharmacy.

Powder-based foundation beginning from Max Factors’ Pan Cake includes powder, wax, pigment, emollients and skin adhesion agents to the formula. This foundation provides a perfect appearance and can be changed from light to full coverage.

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Exfoliate for Better Makeup Results

You can spend thousands on makeup products and still not get the look you want. Yet every week you probably lineup at the cash register with a handful of new products that you think will finally make you look like you should be on the cover of vogue.

But what if you didn’t have to spend all that money? What if the real secret to great makeup isn’t the products you apply but the canvas you’re putting them on, your face.

That’s right, the secret to better results from your makeup is not spending on more expensive products or even “getting better” at applying your makeup. It’s making sure your face is clean and smooth.

A Mountain With Snow is Still a Mountain

You can’t hide a mountain with snow. Just like you can’t hide your underlying skin issues with makeup.

If you want to get better results from your makeup, you first need to understand that your skin’s condition matters. It matters because if you don’t start with a clean, clear, smooth surface your makeup will simply be like snow on a mountain.

It’ll cover it up, but you’ll still see all the “bumps”. Often times this will accentuate your skin condition, causing you to simply apply more; always a bad idea.

The Right Skin Care Regimen

The right skin care regimen shouldn’t take you more than four minutes a day; two minutes in the morning and two minutes before bed.

Comprised of a facial cleanser, toner and the real key, an exfoliating product. Exfoliating products are important because exfoliating products are responsible for removing the surface layers of dead skin cells that cause uneven, bumpy or even dry, flaky skin.

Exfoliating Products: What’s Right for Me?

Before you can start using an exfoliating product you first need to understand your options and how to select the right one.

When it comes to products, there are lots options such as creams, exfoliating pads, creams, scrubs and peels. With all this choice it’s often difficult to make a decision.

Currently, dermatologists are using and recommend glycolic-based chemical exfoliating products. Glycolic exfoliating products are the strongest available and have minimal side effects if used properly.

In order to select the right glycolic exfoliating product, you first need to determine your skin type. You probably already know your skin type, but if you don’t or aren’t sure you need to find out.

It’s recommend that you consult your Dermatologist or local Spa associate, because if you use a glycolic exfoliating product that’s not meant for your skin type you will not experience the full effectiveness.

Worse, you may experience harmful side effects or a worsening of your condition.

Remember to Exfoliate!

When you use an exfoliating product every day you can ensure that your skin stays clean, clear and smooth so that your makeup can look its best. Remember, a mountain with snow on it is still a mountain!

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