glowing skin secrets

We show you some Korean beauty glowing skin secrets that will help you achieve an unbeatable looking face. What do Korean to achieve such a perfect complexion? In the West, skincare is something that has recently gained much more important but is still in the background. It is a taskContinue Reading

Summer Makeup

Summer is a time of pleasures although melting makeup and super sticky lipstick are not among them. So, in hot weather, using cosmetics should be minimal. Changing a cosmetic with the seasons is as natural as replacing a wardrobe. Summer makeup assists to highlight woman’s appearance. In spite of summerContinue Reading

Eye Makeup

Since ancient times civilizations have been applied eye shadows. Eye shadow is a key of eye makeup. It spreads on the eyelids and under the eyebrows. Being used to shade the eyes, it also serves to brighten and visually increase depth to the eyes. Applied in right way, eye shadowContinue Reading

Basis of Makeup

Makeup foundation is a substance applied in cosmetics to create a smooth uniform color to face and conceal flaws. Moreover, foundation also protects face from the drying sun rays, wind and other effects of weather conditions. Since antiquity and Middle Ages it has been believed fashionable for women to haveContinue Reading

Favorite Foundation Type

Liquid foundations work well for the most types of skin. There are oil-based and water-based make-up formulas. The water-based foundation usually contains some silicon oil and spreads easily and smoothly at the face. This make-up foundation provides light coverage and looks more naturally compared with oil-based foundation. The oil basedContinue Reading