What are electrical hazards?

Electrical hazards are the dangers that can be associated with electrical systems. Electrical hazards are dangerous because they can lead to serious injuries such as electric shocks, burns, electrocution and arc flash. They can cause fires and explosions in extreme cases. This poses a danger to the safety of people, their property and to the environment.

You Should Know These Hazards

When workers correctly identify and control hazards, working around electricity on the job can be extremely safe. Electric shocks and deaths can be caused by inadequate training, inexperience, or failure to recognise hazards.

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52% of all workplace electrical deaths are in the construction industry. These incidents and deaths were primarily caused by worker contact with overhead lines of power, as well as contact with tools, machines and other metallic objects. How can we protect ourselves from these hazards? When you need an Exeter Electrician, contact

Awareness is the best way to protect yourself from these dangers. You can take preventative measures to avoid electrical accidents and deaths by being aware of the risks. This knowledge will also allow you to spot electrical hazards and take immediate action.

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Electrical Hazards: Causes and Effects

Electrical hazards are dangerous but can be avoided if you know the causes. The following are the most common electrical hazards that you should be aware of:

  • Insufficient Insulation– Electrical insulation can degrade over time due to rodents or moisture exposure. This can expose wires, increasing the risk of an electric shock or short-circuit.
  • Circuit Breaker Failure– If the circuit breakers fail to trip when an overload occurs, they lose their protective function, increasing the risk of electric hazards.
  • Electrical appliances that are damaged – Loose wires, frayed connections or cracked insulation may cause electrical malfunctions.
  • Improper Use of Extension Cords– Practices such as daisy chaining or overloading can lead to overheating, causing electrical fires.
  • Inadequate Maintenance– Ignoring warning signs or bypassing safety measures can lead to electrical hazards.

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