Lightning Strike: 120 hp and up to 320 km of autonomy

Lightning Strike-The American brand of electric motorcycles, Lightning, has just presented its latest model which is one step below the well-known LS-218 and which has been marketed for some months now. This is the Lightning Strike, a sporting 120 hp. And with more than 300 km of autonomy in its most equipped version.

Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike

After several weeks of small advances, we already know the new Lightning Strike . The brand of American electric motorcycles launches a sports car that we could equate to a Super sport (its LS-218 would be something like an SBK ). and that has a studied autonomy and several versions to adapt to our needs.

The exterior design resembles that of the LS-218 although in this case it is somewhat sharper. In fact in the measurements made by the brand, compared to a naked electric (the most common models), at 112 km / h produces 30% less drag than if it had no fairing. This translates directly into an improvement of benefits but above all, autonomy.

The induction motor and liquid cooling produces a maximum power of 90 hp in standard models. In the case of wanting the top of range, called Strike Carbon Edition. The power reaches 120 hp. In all cases the maximum torque is at a considerable 244 Nm while the maximum speed ranges between 217 km / h and 240 km / h (depending on the versions of 90 hp or 120 hp).

Lightning Strike – detail

best Lightning Strike

The new Lightning Strike is offered in three different versions: 10 kWh, 15 kWh and 20 kWh. Respectively the theoretical autonomy is estimated in the following way (highway / city): 112/160 km, 170/240 km and 240/320 km.

The Lightning Strike Carbon Edition counts as we said with the most powerful engine. But also with the highest capacity battery. In addition its built-in charger is 6.6 kW and allows a Level 3 CCS fast charge. In the case of the other two versions, this equipment is optional and with it a recharge for 160 km is achieved in 20 minutes. Or in half an hour, a full charge.

The Carbon Edition also has more differences at the level of part cycle or fairings. This includes holiness suspensions, carbon fiber fairing, Bemba monopoly brake calipers. An instrument panel with a stopwatch and a GPS data acquisition system.

The Lightning LS-218 is so brutal that it gets from 160 to 240 km / h in 2 seconds

The arrival of electric vehicles takes us to a world hitherto unknown in terms of performance, power and performance. They do not make noise, they do not have much autonomy, but the truth is that they are capable of humiliating any combustion engine. As for example the new Lightning LS-218 and its brutal acceleration even at high speed.

Infarction performance for the Lightning LS-218

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For years, the escalation of power in hyper cars has forced to change the way of comparing the performance of each other. The 100 km / h is no longer useful, nor is the 0-200 km / h. Now where we find the differences is in the 0 to 300 km / h or even in the 0 to 400 km / h. And we can still go further because the braking factor also influences. Which is why many tests require accelerating at a certain speed and then stopping completely.

On two wheels, the eruption of electric bikes has still been timid. But in some cases they have already shown their potential and the combustion engines start to have a hard time to match some performance figures. One of the most outstanding bikes is the Lightning LS-218. Which began its production a few weeks ago. And his first tests in power bank scare.

A power of 150 kW ( 200 hp ) combined with a monstrous torque of 228 Nm means that they cannot accelerate fully in the power bank because the tire skids on the rollers. Even so, its figures are very spectacular: it covers 0-100 km / h in 2.2 s and 0 to 160 km / h in 5.5 seconds.

But the most beastly thing happens when it reaches 160 km / h. Then the Lightning LS-218 can accelerate to the bottom and set to 240 km / h in 2 seconds . That is to say, in 7.5 seconds you are capable of being launched at more than 240 km / h.

Lightning Motorcycle

the Lightning Strike

To put these figures in perspective, a Kawasaki H2R needs 9.72 s to get to 300 km / h. Or in cars, a Beatty Chiron needs 6.5 seconds to get to 200 km / h.

It has the advantage that its engine has liquid cooling, which allows it to withstand maximum performance without overheating, something that conventional electric motorcycles have to face when they are required too much.

Of course, it is not a cheap motorcycle, but it is possibly the best electric that can be bought today from a sporting point of view. Its price starts at 34,000 dollars for the 12 kW model and reaches 41,000 dollars for the 20 kW versions. But possibly it is the only one that at more than 200 km / h, can still tear the coins out of your pocket.

The prices of the Lightning Strike start at 11,600 dollars for the 10 kW version. The 15 kW costs 15,160 dollars and the Carbon Edition, 17,800 dollars. They are prices for the American market that will be where you start your marketing and will do so first with the most equipped and expensive version and then output to the other versions.

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