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Do you Need to Get Planning Permission to Convert Your Loft?

A great way to give you additional space in your home is to have your loft converted. You can use the space in many ways, from adding an extra bedroom to creating an office where you can work from home.

A loft conversion can also add value to your property, so if you want to sell in the future, it is an investment.

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Something that you do need to find out before you contact someone like this loft conversions Bristol based company www.caineslofts.co.uk/loft-conversions-bristol/ to come and get the project started, is whether you need to get planning permission to convert your loft.

Most of the time, a loft conversion doesn’t require planning permission because they come under the permitted developments like conservatories, however there are some things that mean they are not covered by this, and you need to have planning permission.

The size of the additional space – If the space is going to be more than 50m³ or 40m³ if you live in a terraced property, then this is something that you will need to get planning permission for beforehand.

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Changes to the Height or the Shape of the Roof – If you plan to make changes to the roof to increase the space that you can use for example, then this requires planning permission.

You Live in a Conservation area or a listed building – Buildings that are listed and homes that are in conservation areas have stricter rules on what changes you can make, so you need to get permission if this is the case.

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