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How Can Electricians Protect You From Residential Fires?

Faulty electricity is one of the leading causes of house fires in Australia. Based on recent statistics, 40% of all residential fires in New South Wales are due to electrical appliances or other faults in the electrical wiring. It is also the third leading cause of fires in Tasmania. For this reason, it is very crucial to make sure that the house where you live in has enough safety measures to reduce the risk of fire. It is also essential to contact your local electrician and check your home for any fire hazards like damaged electrical cords or overloaded outlets or circuit breakers.

Aside from pointing out the possible fire hazards in your property, here are several things that your trusted electrician can do for you.

 Monitor Your Wattage Use

Upon inspection, electricians will look all over your property to see if you are using the appropriate light bulbs that will not cause any electrical problems. They will inspect all the lamps, light fixtures, and other appliances. It will make sure that you are using the right wattage that your circuit breaker can handle.

If the light fixture that you use does not have a wattage listed, you may use 60-watt bulbs or lower. For ceiling fixtures that do not come with a mark, you may opt to get the 25-watt bulbs. But if you want to make sure that you will have a lower risk of overheated fixtures and to reduce your power consumption, you may opt to use LED bulbs all over the house.

Look Out For Overloaded Outlets 

The electrician will check your home if you have any overloaded electrical outlets since it is one of the most prevalent causes of electrical problems in residential establishments. They will analyse all outlets and see to it that they are not warm and remain cool to the touch. They will also check if the outlets have protective faceplates that stay in proper working condition.

The electricity expert will also advise you against using multi-outlet converters or extension cords for appliances. You must also plug one device that produces heat in an outlet at one time. If you have any hot outlets, ask your electrician to repair it right away.

Scan The House For Damaged Electrical Cords

Another significant electrical safety risk that could be lying on your home is damaged power cords. They might cause both fires and electrocute any person or animal that may get in contact with the exposed wire. The electrician will check for any signs of cracking or fraying in the cords, but you must have it replaced as soon as you notice it right away.

Also, the electrician might ask you to remove any power cords stapled under rugs or hidden in furniture. The wires placed under the rugs may also become a tripping hazard and may overheat over time. Meanwhile, the cords at the back of any furniture may get smashed and have damaged wires.

Regular consultation with a professional electrician can significantly reduce the risk of residential fires. Contact a licensed electrician in your neighbourhood and schedule a home visit regularly so you can fix any problems that may cause a fire in the long run. You only need to make sure that the electrician has the right skills to fix standard wiring and electrical problems right away.

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