5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Lingerie Waitress

A good party has good food, booze, games and music. And, a better party has gorgeous and sensual ladies who will make it extra special for you. So, have you thought of hiring a lingerie waitress when hosting the buck’s night for your friends? The presence of a sexy waitress will ensure that the celebration is one of a kind and every individual has the time of their life. You can avail of the services of these waitresses in any event of your choice and add some oomph to it. However, before you hire, make sure you know a thing or two. Below are the details.

Number of waitresses

Things are bound to get wild when planning a night with the boys. So, make sure you plan accordingly to ensure that everything turns out perfect. It is best to take a thorough look at the catalogue of waitresses and assert your choices and preferences accordingly. Also, try to have at least one waitress for every ten guests. However, you can amp up the party by increasing the numbers and making it more fun. Hence, carefully factor the ratio to look after all the guests.  


A professional lingerie waitress is not only meant to look good but also provides professional food and beverage services. The waitresses will also welcome the guests, share laughs, play games, get your snacks, fetch beers and be a little flirty here and there. Moreover, if you are having a game night, you might be distracted from the game from time to time. But, who minds such pleasant distractions once in a while? So, you can enjoy and relax as the waitress takes care of your guests and makes sure the drinks keep flowing.


When arranging a party or event, you need to make sure that the location is appropriate and matches the theme. You may choose a friend’s house or book a hotel, clubhouse, or even a rented hall. However, you should check before booking if the place allows lingerie waitresses. Also, ensure that you have taken permission from the concerned authorities in the event’s location about the waitressing services you have chosen so that the guests or the professionals do not face trouble.

Enquiry and booking

If you want to let loose and go crazy for a night, it’s time to get a cure for your shyness. When choosing the services, you must state all your queries and mention your needs appropriately. You can ask the waitresses any question you want and explain clearly the kind of services you need. They will ensure that you have the best experience, so no question is obvious or silly. Remember, you are paying for a service, and you deserve to know every detail. 

Early booking has several benefits. It will relieve you of your stress, and you have the chance of getting the ones that you like the most. You better not wait till the eleventh hour as there is a higher chance of you getting disappointed. So, get the booking done at least six weeks before the event.

Follow the rules

The waitresses are professionals and must be treated with respect. So, you must be careful not to touch inappropriately or engage in a conflict out of jealousy. Remember, they are professionals, and you need to be aware of all the rules. If you are unclear about the rules, the waitresses will explain them to you readily.

Follow all the factors mentioned above before proceeding with your booking and make sure everyone has a blast.

Sylvia James

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