Diesel cars or gasoline? This is the market, brand to brand

Diesel cars or gasoline– In the heat of debate on the fall of the Diesel. And possible future prohibitions next to the gasoline, we analyzed the market. How does each brand face it? What mix is ​​there today of sales? Attentive, because there are surprises …

The collapse of the Diesel car is already a total evidence. What, on the other hand, does not translate today into the offer of many of the major automobile manufacturers. Which as we will see are still completely dependent on this type of fuel. Some, may be going to have a bad time in the next few years. We will see. And is that, if we look at the figures, there is no doubt. Diesel is sinking. And it is doing it, especially.  And as we can see later, in the sale of generalist and popular  diesel cars.

According to data from the USA Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Trucks (Anfac). The past month of June closed with a negative record of Diesel sales: in USA it accounted for only 47.6 percent of the total market. This data is even more relevant if we compare it: this past March was the first month in its history that fell by 50 percent. And just a year ago its sales exceeded 61 percent. If we go back further we will see how between 2006 and 2011 their market was above the 70 percent quota.

Just the opposite happens with the sale of gasoline cars : if just five years ago it offered a mix that barely exceeded 30 percent in quota. Today closes the month of June with 47.7 percent. It is, in addition. The first time that exceeds in mix to the sale of Diesel cars. Against this background, we analyze among the manufacturers in what situation they are. And more taking into account announcements that arrive every day, like the last one that comes from France. in a few years it will prohibit the sale of diesel and gasoline cars . We review it by blocks.


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Curious, very curious the first data we obtain when analyzing the market: the premium buyer only wants Diesel . And to this day it is evident. If we analyze the market brands where the sale of diesel cars still commands. We see that all, except for two exceptions, are premium. And that they have in their offer with good and modern gasoline mechanics.

According to the data of the month of June distributed by Aniacam (and where above it does not distinguish in hybrids. But if they have gasoline engine it computes them there), Land Rover (98.3%), Volvo (93.8%), Jaguar (91 , 4%), BMW (90.3%) or Mercedes (88.1%) are close to Diesel cars. 90% of its sales, or more, are directed exclusively to this fuel, leaving the sale of gasoline cars in very residual. Along with them. Although with more compensation, include Infiniti (80%), Alfa Romeo (79.3%), Audi (70.3%) or Mini (63.6%) , brands in which the sale of gasoline goes winning, little, but already some ground.

Only three generalist manufacturers would be on this list Diesel : SsangYong, where 73 percent of sales are diesel, and it is understood to present some novelty as the Tivoli only with diesel engine; Peugeot, where just over 53 percent of customers still opt for Diesel possibly convinced of the great performance of its 1.6 BlueHDi engines.  And the limited supply of gasoline engines of the latest generation. In any case. Both Nissan and Peugeot are very close to the tie that presides over the next block.


Following the market analysis, we could position three brands in a second group: the technical draw. There is clearly Citroen, which sold 49.36 percent of gasoline cars in June compared to 49.9 percent Diesel. Here, it seems that the PureTech engines of the PSA Group begin to sink deep. Something similar happens with Renault, where 51 percent Diesel can be considered a technical draw as well. And with Honda, where 51.7 percent is Diesel but every month low : the introduction of the new Civic with an advanced 1.0 Turbo engine. 130 hp gasoline, and a 1.5 more powerful Turbo. It seems that begins to notice against the very good 1.6 i-DTEC Diesel.


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We closed the report with the brands that, nowadays, sell more gasoline cars than Diesel , offering also in their new generation mechanical ranges with less polluting emissions. Within this group. And with gasoline taking many of its sales, we find Fiat: the Italian brand sells up to 71 percent of gasoline cars. The reason is found in its clear commitment to small diesel cars. Where the price factor of this access fuel is basic compared to diesel. But it is not the only one in these margins. In Suzuki it represents even more (79%) , while Subaru is closer with 68%.

Also surprising is the month of June closed by Seat: in the Spanish brand, gasoline car sales exceeded 70 percent for the first time, compared to 29.6% for Diesel. It seems that the Dorado that were once for the group the acronym TDI begin to falter in front of the new turbo TSI gasoline. Yes, because in other brands of the group, little by little the same thing happens. in Skoda gasoline already exceeds 64% of sales, while in Volkswagen it accounts for 54%, but also increases every month.

VW Golf

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In two other brands we already have a sales mix of almost 2/3 in favor of gasoline versus diesel. A figure that is already considerable. We talk about Mazda, which also does betting on a Skyactiv-G range. With atmospheric engines that are giving very good performance ( 66% ). And Opel, which with a 63% sale of gasoline shows that its new engines 1.0 and 1.4 Turbo are also gaining ground.

Behind it, it already rubs 60 percent in gasoline, a brand that was among the first to match its sales mix when no one was betting on it Ford. The launch of its low displacement turbocharged Ecoboost engines were a reference. And little by little they were gaining a margin with Diesel cars. Hyundai (58%), Mitsubishi (56%), Kia (54%) and Dacia (53.4%) are also in this group.


Diesel cars or gasoline

We left to finish a group where gasoline is sent. But for different reasons. One is Toyota, where Aniacam’s report shows that it sells 87% gasoline. Although it would mostly be part of the sale of hybrid diesel cars. Towards what the Japanese brand has turned in recent years: for example, a C-HR that, in Spain, only sells hybrid. While Abarth, Ferrari or Lamborghini cover the gasoline market: 100%. But, of course, they do not sell another fuel.

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