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How to get rid of odor in boots?

The smell of damp is quite unpleasant. Nobody likes that stench in their shoes. The problem of this type of smells so strong is that they stay impregnated and the longer we leave them on the footwear, the harder it will be to remove them later. In any case, this unpleasant odor can be eliminated thanks to a series of cleaning tricks. We offer you to keep reading this article and discover how to get rid of odor in boots.

How to get rid of odor in boots

Generally, this smell appears on clothes when it is stored in the closet for a long time or when we do not dry it correctly. However, in the case of footwear, the smell of humidity can be caused mainly by excessive sweating of the feet or by the constant and daily use of shoes.

How to get rid of odor in boots

The infusion or tea bags are one of the most used tricks to eliminate this bad smell of shoes. Because they are made with plants with aromatic properties such as chamomile, thyme or cinnamon, or fruits with a pleasant smell such as lemon or orange, the infusion bags manage to absorb the moisture that is causing that stench in your shoes.

How to use tea for the bad smell of shoes

To use this remedy, you will have to let the sachets dry well (in case you have used them for an infusion).

Then you have to put them in each shoe so that one is in the area of ​​the tips, a few near the edges and another by the heel of the shoe.

Let them rest on their shoes all night and remove them the next morning.
You can check that your shoes will no longer have that stench.

Water and alcohol to eliminate the stench of the sneakers

Another home remedy to eliminate odors is alcohol because it is a solution with antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which helps both to clean the shoe and to eliminate the accumulation of bacteria that are causing that musty odor.

Fill half of a bottle with water spray and the other half with alcohol. Stir it until the ingredients are well diluted and mixed.

Once you have the remedy prepared, spray the inside of the shoes with this lotion and then let it act for a while. When you notice that the bad smell has been eliminated, rinse your shoes with water.

Baking soda to eliminate shoe odor

Sodium bicarbonate is one of the most used products in household cleaning. However, in addition to these utilities, it is a natural remedy to eliminate that damp smell of our footwear since on the one hand, it has antibacterial and neutralizing properties that eliminate the accumulation of microorganisms that cause this stench, and on the other hand it has antiseptic properties that help to clean and disinfect the interior of the shoes.

To use this remedy, you will only have to sprinkle the inside of the shoes with baking soda until they are well covered. Let the baking soda work all night to absorb moisture and the bad smell of the shoes.

The next morning, remove the bicarbonate by shaking the shoes and you’ll have them without that unpleasant odor.

Lavender for a good smell in your shoes

Another of the best home remedies to remove the musty smell of shoes is lavender. It is an ideal medicinal plant to remove the pestilence of footwear because it has excellent aromatic properties that will absorb bad odors and also leave a pleasant fragrance in them.

To use this cleaning trick you will simply have to cut a few sprigs of lavender and put them inside your shoes. Leave them in overnight and remove them the next morning when you are going to put them on.

You will be able to verify that it will have left an excellent aroma in your shoes and your shoes will no longer smell damp.

Lemon peels for the damp smell of shoes

Lemon is a fruit that stands out for its acid flavor and the excellent aroma of its peels, which is why they are very suitable for the damp smell of shoes. In addition to having a good smell, the peels have antiseptic properties that also help to clean the shoes to prevent this kind of smells so pestilent.

Peel a lemon making sure that the peels contain the whitish part (since it is the one that will absorb the bad smell). Insert them in the shoes, let them active throughout the night. The next morning you will notice that the footwear has been free of any unpleasant odor and impregnated with the characteristic smell of lemons.

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