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Back tense and sore? 5 good postures to relieve back pain

 Relieve back painРA large part of the USA population has suffered, suffers or will suffer from bad back and this population is getting younger! Poor posture at work, untimely effort and a peak of stress are common causes of back pain. Even if they are benign, they are sharp enough to harm us. Learn from now to free yourself.

The daily health of the back goes hand in hand with some rules of life hygiene that should be imposed on our spine. Knowing the mechanics of the back to know how to manage it, monitor weight, practice physical exercise regularly and fight stress through relieve back pain.

33 stacked vertebrae, 244 muscles, a sacred structure

good postures to relieve back pain

The spine constitutes the central part of the skeleton. It supports the head, serves as an anchor to the muscles and ribs, allows to stand up, absorbs shocks and protects the spinal cord, which ensures nerve transmission between the brain and the rest of the body.

It consists of 33 vertebrae, stacked one on top of the other and separated by invertebrate discs, cushioning cartilage cushions. The column is not rectilinear. It has curvatures made to compensate for the limitations created when standing, which play the role of springs that can support the weight and shock waves. 244 muscles, distributed symmetrically on one side and the other of the spine, ensure the stability of the trunk and control the posture of the body.

Take care of your back, watch your weight!

best relieve back pain

Overweight causes harmful effects on the back, especially the load imposed on the joints of the hips and lower back. First of all it takes effort, accelerates the wear, generating the early appearance of osteoarthritis and making the back vulnerable (discomfort in the kidneys and disc problems).

In men, since the weight is located in the belly, relaxed abdominal waist muscles support the spine worse. Women with a lot of breast have a tendency to lean forward to rectify the posture of the relieve back pain.

Adopt these correct positions right now! Relieve back pain

Adopting a correct posture in advance is the best way to guarantee the good condition of the back. Staying in good posture allows the pressure exerted on the spine to be evenly distributed between the joints. The muscles relaxed and the back slightly bent, neither rectilinear nor too curved.

Position # 1

Stand up, turn your head to the right, the neck elongated and vertical, the shoulders in a horizontal position and not contracted, the belly and buttocks placed so that they support the spine, the pelvis slightly tilted backwards, the knees quite flexed and the toes fully extended. Spread the weight of the body well on the feet.

Position # 2

Sitting in a normal chair, sit to the bottom, the weight distributed in the buttocks, and the thighs parallel to the floor, forming a right angle with the calves. If necessary, keep your back straight with a small cushion. The shoulders low, relaxed, backwards and without contracting. Do not let your head fall forward. To keep your back straight, constrict the belly.

Position # 3

  • Ideally for people with low back and pelvic problems, use a seat that is tilted 5 degrees downward so that the weight of the body deviates from the hips to the thighs and the weight of the knees to the floor.
  • In the office, try to work on a slanted plan, type drawing board. Change often posture.
  • Do not hold the phone between the ear and the shoulder because the neck muscles are very tired. Compensate the static position by stretching in the morning and walking home.
  • The regular and sweet practice of physical exercises contributes to the well-being of the back.
  • It is necessary to start by releasing muscular tensions in order to reduce contractual. Then, move and work on flexibility, that is, practice an exercise to recover optimal mobility (swimming, walking, cycling). Once the mobility has recovered, it is convenient muscle and try to maintain a good muscle balance.

Position No.# 4

Deconstruct your back by tilting your chest forward and “let it hang” completely from the waist up. Stand up, lean your chest forward, relaxing completely for 10 seconds, slowly expiring through your mouth. Lift up by uncoiling the back vertebra to vertebra and inspiring by the nose. Repeat this movement three times.

Before returning to practice sports, consult with the doctor

top relieve back pain

You have not done exercises for a long time, then before resuming the exercise, consult with your doctor. And if when you resume the exercise, you feel pain somewhere, tell them.

Do not start on the roof, take your time and listen to your body. Stretch, move and, above all, forget the notion of performance. Simply enjoy the pleasure of finding yourself in top shape again. Progress by steps, you will gain time.

Do not ever exercise cold. This also applies to a golf swing, a tennis backhand, a kick to a ball, a ski downhill or a game of pool! It is not by chance that professional athletes train daily and perform stretches, practice flexibility and warm up before any competition. Remember, suspension exercises to relieve muscular and joint tension in a momentary way.

Position # 5

  • Stretch your arms up as much as you can for 10 seconds, slowly exhaling through your mouth. Afterwards, completely relax the arms down by inhaling through the nose for 8 seconds. Rest your heels on the floor when relaxing.
  • Let yourself hang from a fixed bar placed in a door to relax the inter vertebral discs, as well as the muscles that tense when being in a static posture.

To forget your back, relax!

discover relieve back pain

The back pain generates a painful muscular contraction that can be alleviated adopting diverse techniques:

  • Start by stopping to stretch. Breathe 5-10 min deeply; this will make you relax. You can ask your partner to do a massage with delicacy.
  • If not, place a massage device between your back and a chair with a back and give 15 minutes. of massage programmed by vibrations, taps or by combining them.

Give a good bed to your spine

A good bed should be firm, while hugging the contour of the hips and shoulders, thus holding the spine without distorting it. Try a moment in the store. If between your partner and you there is a big difference of weight, take two mattresses. Also, the pillow must adapt to sleep and to the maintenance of the head. Whatever the sleeping position, the cervical should be kept at the axis of the spine so that the relieve back pain.

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