White smoke from tailpipe when starting car? Get Solution

Is your car puffing white when it starts? Are you worried because you do not know what the reason why the smoke is that color is? Then you have reached the right place. In this article, we explain the solution for white smoke from tailpipe when starting car.

White smoke from tailpipe when starting car solution

White smoke from tailpipe when starting car

First of all, you should know when that white smoke is normal and does not have any negative consequences. If the white smoke that appears in the exhaust pipe comes out in small quantities and is shaped like thin wires, there is nothing to worry about, as long as this smoke disappears after several minutes of driving with the car.

This situation is similar for both diesel engines and gasoline engines. In diesel cars occurs because when the diesel starts cold, it usually has difficulties. On the other hand, gasoline cars emit white smoke when they start in winter because they evaporate the remains of water in the exhaust pipe.

If this is not your case, keep reading because it is most likely that your car has some mechanical problem.

When you should worry about white smoke

The white smoke in diesel engines and gasoline can become normal, as we have said before, however, if it is not in small quantities and disappears quickly, you can assume that you have a breakdown. To know the exact reason that white smoke causes, analyze which of the following situations is more similar to yours:

Thick white smoke

Thick white smoke when starting a diesel engine

If when you start your diesel car is hard to start, it gets a lot of white smoke, and it takes a long time to disappear, you have a problem with diesel injection or a preheater.

This problem is because your injection pump injects fuel very soon and only burns apart, causing the rest to evaporate through the exhaust pipe. In case your diesel car does not have an injection pump, the problem is that the combustion chamber is very cold and you have a problem with the pre-heaters.

White smoke when starting

White smoke when starting and during the march

If the smoke remains beyond the start of the car, it is most likely that the car has a cooling problem that affects the head gasket. The antifreeze is entering the cylinder, it is mixing with the fuel, and that causes the white smoke that you can see in the exhaust pipe.

You will have to change the head gasket, which is not a cheap repair, but you can learn to do by reading this guide. If the smoke has a bluish color, it may also be that the oil is passing into the combustion chamber, or through the segments or the valve seals.

Very thick white smoke during the march

This is the most serious problem of all since it is because the engine coolant is burning. This failure involves a major breakdown in the head gasket or even a crack in the engine block itself, two repairs that are expensive (especially the last one).

White smoke when starting

If your situation looks like one of these three, you have to fix the car immediately. The damage to the engine could become so severe that it could render it completely useless.

Although repairing the cylinder head can be expensive, much more expensive is having to repair a crack in the engine block or replace it completely. The sooner you deal with the problem, the less you have to spend later to make your car stop puffing white smoke when starting.

Spare parts that you will need

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