Dental Technology: Improving Patient Communication

Technology can help to improve the service of dental practices and also specialist in the dental field such as Cardiff Orthodontic businesses like cathedraldentalclinic.com/orthodontics-cardiff/,  in a number of ways, including enhancing the level of patient communication. It could amount to simply increasing the number of phone lines so that calls are answered sooner, or you could create a new and interactive website that is beneficial to both existing and new patients.

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With technology such an important part of our lives, it’s vital that dental practices, including those specialising in orthodontics in London, take on board how it can help them connect with patients from before they even make an appointment through to the conclusion of their treatment.

Online Appointment System

Patients want to make appointments with a dentist at a time of their choosing, even if this is out of opening hours. Establishing an online booking system is convenient for patients, as they can check timings and schedule an appointment that suits them, and it also reduces the workload for reception staff and limits the time people are waiting on the phone.

Reminding Patients

We all lead busy lives, and sometimes patients can forget about that routine dental check-up, which inconveniences the practice, as the dentist is left with a free period. Research carried out by the British Dental Association found that on average missed appointments amounted to 81 hours a year for each dentist.

The waiting lists to see a dentist in some areas are so long that practices are deregistering patients if they miss an appointment. Technology can help you to issue automated reminders to patients by text or email, which improves communication and reduces the number of missed appointments.

Visualising Treatment

The benefits of technology don’t stop once a patient arrives in the practice and systems can be used to visualise the condition of their teeth and see where treatment is required. This can include digital radiography to show clear images to a patient, which can help them to understand the diagnosis and reassure them about the situation. For effective treatment plans of all ages, we suggest for you to visit Kumra Orthodontics and they would be happy to provide you smiles that last a lifetime!

Provide Feedback

Feedback on treatment and customer service is a useful way for practices to enhance their service, and technology can make this easier to achieve. Personalised surveys and questions can be sent to patients by email or text, offering a valuable communication method to keep the channels open once they’ve left the practice.

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