How Big is the American Aerospace Industry?

Some of the most technologically advanced aerospace products in the world are of American origin. The aerospace industry in the United States has traditionally been supported by a robustly funded military that employs private contractors in design, procurement, and manufacturing. 

There are so many aerospace companies in the United States, you might ask:

How Big is the American Aerospace Industry?

In 2021, the American aerospace industry sales revenue decreased to $874 billion. Aerospace and defense exports were $90 billion, with a positive industry trade balance of 40.6 billion dollars. 

The American aerospace and defense industry supports nearly 2 million jobs in the United States, and those are good jobs, with wages and benefits that are 41% higher than average, according to the Aerospace Industries Association. The aerospace industry is present in all 50 states and represents 1.8% of GDP. The aerospace and defense industry is massive in the United States, and it represents a longstanding tradition of technological innovation and mechanical excellence. 

To get a sense of scale, in 2020 France came in second to the United States in aerospace and defense exports, with 29.1 billion dollars, compared to 80.9 billion dollars from the US, according to Statista. The United States has by far the largest aerospace industry in the world. Aerospace manufacturing in the United States is done by capable companies that work with clients to develop products and solutions to highly technical and complex problems. 

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