Choosing an antique fireplace

If you have your heart set on a beautiful antique fireplace, it can be quite a minefield to choose the perfect one for your home. Here are some considerations for your exciting search for one:

Which style do you prefer?

A fireplace acts as a focal point, it’s essential to find just the right style. There are many designs to choose from, such as wood, marble, neo-classical, decorative or stone. What would fit best with your décor or which one appeals to you the most? Do you need to find one from a specific era to fit in with the age of your home?


The clearest distinction is in the material it is made from. From a classical marble, a rustic wood or Gothic stone, the possibilities are varied. If you’re looking for something a bit different, you could consider a metal one.

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It’s important to know the width measurements of your chimney breast unless you’re installing one on a flat wall. Check the dimensions of the opening of the fireplace, of both the front and back as these can differ. It’s also helpful to have the measurements of your room, the ceiling height and consider how deep a mantelpiece you can comfortably live with.


Perhaps you have your heart set on a particular colour. There are as many varieties as there are material choices. Perhaps you dream of bright green or shades of pink, shiny gold, classy silver or dramatic black? The colour is important as it sets the tone for the remainder of the décor, so consider whether you’re blending it with wood, stone or marble. Size

Reproduction, antique or bespoke?

For many homeowners, finding a period fireplace is the most important aspect, to tie in with the history of the property. Whether this is an antique or a reproduction is down to individual preference. A bespoke fireplace is one that is specially made according to your design wishes. Find Antique Fireplaces Ireland at a reclamation yard. A stunning range of Antique Fireplaces Ireland can be seen at Wilson’s Yard.

An open or gas fire?

Whichever type of fire you choose, you’ll need a Gas Safe registered engineer to install it. If you desire an open fire, check which fuels you’re allowed to burn where you live. You should also hire a chimney sweep to check the condition of your flue. If your fireplace is purely for aesthetics and decorative purposes, consider how you fill the hole. This could be with a firescreen or grate.

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If you live in a listed building

You might require consent if you live in a listed building and intend to replace the fireplace. If your existing fireplace is stated in the listing schedule, detailing what is protected, you will definitely need consent before removing it. This is necessary even if the existing fireplace doesn’t match the period of the property and you wish to install one that does. This doesn’t mean that you cannot replace the fireplace, just that the process might take a little longer.





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