3 Steps in the Hiring Process

The time that it takes to review an application, interview, onboard, and train a new hire can be long and arduous for all involved. Technology is beginning to streamline this process a little bit, but many things still have to be completed by hand. Here are three of the steps in the hiring process.

1. Searching

Searching for a new employee is one of the first steps of the hiring process, directly after the company identifies the need for a new person to fill a role in the company. Many places of businesses put job advertisements on the internet. However, some still prefer to place them in a local newspaper or a professional or academic newsletter pertaining to their work field. Which one you decide to do primarily depends on your audience and how your company operates.

2. Evaluating

Once some candidates for the open position have been identified, it is time for the next step of the hiring process. Evaluation involves a further review of the resumes and cover letters provided by applicants, as well as a series of interviews. For some positions, one interview is sufficient, while other positions might require two or more interviews before the employer can narrow down who to select.

Other aspects of employee evaluation might include having candidates take a test to determine their skills and abilities, as well as performing an employee HR background check. The purpose of a background check is to help ensure that the candidate does not have anything in their past that would prevent them from being able to fulfill their role properly. For example, a business might want to avoid hiring someone with a history of theft for a position that directly handles cash.

3. Onboarding

Once the hiring managers have made a selection, it is time to reach out to the candidate with the offer. If accepted, some paperwork will be involved for the employee and employer. After being hired, the employee will usually need to undergo some type of training. Training often involves learning about the company, reviewing safety measures, or something else applicable to the position. Employees who feel confident in their role are more likely to stay with a company, which decreases the chances of hiring managers needing to repeat these steps all over again.

Whether you are a hiring manager or a job seeker, expect to encounter these three steps of the application and hiring process.

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