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Research reveals that plastic pipework is a common cause of water leaks

A scientific study carried out to determine the most common causes of water leaks has revealed that pipework made from plastic is frequently at fault.

According to a study commissioned by the Copper Sustainability Partnership (CuSP), plastic pipes are simply not up to the rigours of delivering our essential water supply. The CuSP was established in 2021, with a view to highlighting the sustainability credentials of the material, as described here:.

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Copper piping is more durable than plastic and provides better hygienic delivery of water thanks to the natural antimicrobial properties of copper. You can find out more about the benefits of traditional copper piping by consulting with specialists such as watkinspowis.co.uk/.

A common cause of leaks

The research looked at a significant volume of insurance claims for water leaks and discovered that a high proportion of the claims featured a common element – the use of push-fit plastic pipework. Indeed, whilst plastic pipework has been promoted as the more environmentally friendly option, it seems that it may not be the best choice for many applications, after all.

Push-fit plastic piping has been shown to play a key part in subsequent water leaks, which can be due to poor workmanship during the construction of the water delivery system. The nature of the plastic material can itself be problematic, as it can be incompatible with other materials commonly found in plumbing, such as certain caulks, sealants, fire retardants, and paints.

The result is a rise in the number of burst pipes and leaks being reported, which is proving costly and inconvenient for homeowners and insurers alike.

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A better solution

Whilst many new build homes come with plastic piping already installed, industry experts recommend that homeowners avoid any DIY attempts and ensure that any future plumbing works are carried out by fully qualified professionals.

Replacing broken plastic pipework with a copper pipe alternative is also advisable. This ensures that the problem does not recur and that homeowners can enjoy a long and happy residence in their property.

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