Why the Kitchen is considered “The Heart of the Home”

We spend more time in the kitchens of our Homes than any other room of the house and many happy family memories are spent cooking and chatting together there.  The kitchen has long been fondly known as “The Heart of the Home” because of the importance it holds for every member of a family.  A social hub and the focal point for families where food and drink are concerned, a magical place where healthy ingredients are turned into tasty meals and memories are made. When your kitchen is nearing the end of its life and you are seriously thinking about investing in a new one, STOP and consider a professionally installed Kitchen Refurbishment instead!  Revamping your old cabinets and having new work-tops, handles and accessories will not only transform your kitchen into a more modern, stylish, practical workspace but will significantly increase the value of your home.

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The well-known saying, “The way to a man’s Heart is through his stomach” works well with our theory that the Kitchen is the Heart of the Home because food is a life essential and the wonderful aromas that waft around the family home from the kitchen literally stir up magical moments between various generations of the same household.

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Celebrating special family occasions, enjoying quality time together and teaching children how to cook are all integral to a happy family life and these things are all done in the warmth and safety of a kitchen.

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