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Tips for dressing to look taller

Height can be a real issue for some guys. For men under 5’10”, it can be tough finding clothes that flatter. So, how do shorter guys help themselves to gain a bit of height without resorting to platform shoes? Well, there are many ways that a guy can style himself to deflect attention away from his height if he so desires. Here are some top tips:

Consider Proportion – Proportion is everything when it comes to dressing in a more flattering way. It is important that clothes fit well and this is more important for shorter people. Trousers or jeans ideally should have a tapered leg from the knee to the ankle as opposed to a wide fit which will just make the legs look more stubby, for example. When you choose tapered designs, it has the effect of elongating the legs. In terms of tops, any sweaters, shirts and hoodies should always end at the wrist. For Mens Superdry Hoodies, go to

Patterns and Colours – It’s a good idea to try to avoid separate colours on the top half and bottom half of your body. A monochrome look will create a more blended appearance which looks leaner for starters. Things to look for that will be beneficial include darker plaid patterns and thin vertical stripes if you want to wear something with a pattern. Bold patterns can swamp smaller guys so avoid these in favour of smaller designs such as mini florals or polka dots.

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Hems – It can be difficult to find trousers or jeans that sit right when you’re shorter. A good guide is to find trousers that just rest on the shoes and are not prone to bunching up on top of footwear.

Suits and Jackets – Elongating the arms can be achieved by having an inch of shirt showing at the wrist. Find blazers and jackets that don’t hang over the wrist but are able to leave an inch of shirt showing. This is a really good look and you’ll be surprised at how stylish it looks for such a simple trick. Shorter jackets are advisable as they place emphasis on the legs. A jacket that’s too long will shorten the legs. When it comes to choosing a tie, opt for a thin one as this will draw the eye up and down, making you look taller and leaner.

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Footwear – It can be tempting to choose footwear with a heel or platform to gain those extra inches but this can prove to be a bit of a minefield. For smart shoes, look for longer styles as opposed to heels. Trainers with a thick sole are another good option, as are boots with a chunky sole which can provide a few additional inches without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Fabrics – Opt for lighter fabrics that can be worn with ease as opposed to heavier materials which can drag the body down. They can also make the body look bulky.

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